Thug who beat his headmaster is back behind bars for drug dealing

Thug, 37, who beat his old primary school headmaster to a pulp after harbouring 20-year grudge is back behind bars for drug dealing

  • Jermaine Bullen, 37, jailed after police found 1.5kg of cannabis at Rochdale home
  • Bullen hit headlines after attacking his former headmaster Kieran Heakin in 2010
  • Mr Heakin, then 58, was left needing facial reconstruction surgery after beating

A hoodlum who beat up his former headmaster after harbouring a 20-year grudge against him over his school days was back behind bars for drug dealing today.

Jermaine Bullen, 37, was locked up indefinitely for public protection in 2010 after setting about Kieran Heakin in an Indian restaurant. He served four years before being freed on parole.

Last October father of one Bullen was arrested after police raided his home in Rochdale, Greater Manchester and found he was using it as a base to deal cannabis.

Jermaine Bullen (pictured), a thug who beat up his old headteacher in 2010, is back behind bars after Greater Manchester Police raided his home in Rochdale and found 1.5kg of cannabis

Bullen was jailed for 12 months after admitting possession of cannabis with intent to supply

Officers recovered 1.5kg of the drug worth £3,090 plus snap bags, electronic scales and cash.

At Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester, Bullen was sent back to prison for 12 months after he admitted possessing cannabis with intent to supply.

He had earned national notoriety after attacking Mr Heakin, then 58, during a night out in Rochdale after telling him: ‘You used to beat me up when I was six years old and I have waited all these years to meet up with you again.’

During the attack, which took place in an Indian restaurant, Bullen punched Mr Heakin continuously until he fell to the floor, when he then began kicking him in the head.

The victim who was headmaster at a primary school in Burnley was left needing facial reconstruction surgery, had four metal plates fitted and was left permanently deaf in one ear, with no sense of smell and taste.

Bullen who admitted causing grievous bodily harm later claimed he had been the subject of corporal punishment at the age of six but gave no further details.

Kieran Heakin, who has since forgiven his attacker, was left needing facial reconstruction surgery and is deaf in one ear with no sense of taste or smell after the attack by Bullen in 2010

Bullen (pictured), who has a 15-year-old son, told the court he hugely regretted his actions

Devout Christian Mr Heakin decided to forgive his former pupil.

The latest offences occurred after Bullen rekindled a relationship with a former girlfriend. Susan Hargreaves prosecuting said: ‘Officers executed a search at the defendant’s home at 6.30am.

‘On arrival, they found a large quantity of cannabis in the rear bedroom, and Bullen was arrested. He then offered to show where the cannabis was stored.

‘Officers found further bags, a number of which contained cannabis. A large number of ‘snack bags’ were found at the site, as well as a set of electric scales and two mobile phones.

‘Police also found a large amount of cash, and in the kitchen, they found a clear food bag with cannabis inside it.

Jermaine Bullen

‘Bullen was interviewed on the same day but declined to answer questions. He was on indefinite license before he was arrested.’

In mitigation defence lawyer Anna Chestnut said: ‘This is his first brush with criminality since 2014.

‘The probation service was planning to suspend his supervision on licence before he was arrested. He had been working full time as a labourer and then at a demolition company.

‘But in December 2019, Mr Bullen bumped into a woman who he once had an off and on relationship with and she said she was pregnant with his child.

‘She was in debt, and he wanted to help. He was working at the time, but due to the pandemic, his work dried up and he was on universal credit.

‘Having made a promise to this woman, he foolishly turned to drug dealing.

‘He was selling mainly to his friends but was also using it himself. He hugely regrets his actions. Mr Bullen has a 15-year-old son.

‘He had promised him he would not go back to prison, and he now feels he has let his son down once again.’

Sentencing Bullen Judge Bernadette Baxter told him: ‘You are no stranger to these courts and your principal motivation in this enterprise was to make money. You must face the consequences.’

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