TikTok challenge testing if men can put their elbows on the ground hits Australia – with hilarious results

  • New TikTok challenge testing men and women’s centre of gravity has gone viral 
  • Challenge requires man and woman to get on all-fours with hands behind backs
  • In most cases, the woman maintains her balance while the man falls face first 

A bizarre new TikTok challenge has spread to Australia with couples creating hilarious videos over the Valentine’s Day weekend.

The challenge requires a man and a woman to get on all-fours, with their elbows firmly on the ground and their chin resting in their hands.

But the fun begins when they quickly move their hands behind their backs.

A new TikTok challenge tests men and women’s centre of gravity, requiring them to get on all-fours with their elbows on the ground and head in their hands 

In most videos, the woman maintains her balance, while the man’s face drops immediately to the ground.

Couples are now posting their versions of the ‘center of gravity challenge’ to TikTok.

One woman joked she was ‘certain her husband has a concussion’ after video footage showed him face planting into their carpet.

The woman erupted into a fit of laughter as she watched her husband drop to the ground while she remained on her knees with her hands behind her back.

‘Apparently men have a different center of gravity that prevents them from doing this’, she captioned her video.

The seemingly innocent ‘centre of gravity challenge’ sees both a man and woman get on all-fours in a TikTok video (pictured)

The video saw amused viewers flock to the comments to try the challenge themselves.

‘I’m making my husband do this with me tonight!,’ One woman said.

‘I’ve seen this so many times and I laugh every time I see it’, another said.

Some viewers said the challenge didn’t end well for them.

‘I just did this with my wife, pretty sure my jaw is broken now’, one man said.

‘Disappointed, my husband had no issues with his centre of gravity’, another said.

The fun begins when the couple remove their elbows from the ground, as the man usually lands head first (pictured)

A peer-reviewed study published by the Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling, confirmed woman and men do have different centers of gravity.

‘It is well know that on average women commonly have an 8 to 15 per cent lower longitudinal center of gravity (COG or center of mass relative to height) than men,’ the study confirmed.

‘This anatomic differentiation has been speculated to have arisen evolutionarily during the development of bipedal locomotion as a means to provide better stability in females during pregnancy and infant carriage’.

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