Toddler bashes pet dog with a plastic bottle, just avoids being mauled

Stop hounding me! Toddler repeatedly bashes a pet dog with a plastic bottle only to flee when it finally loses its cool and lunges at him

  • The dog did not react at first but the toddler continued to hit with more ferocity
  • The muscular hound snapped but the owner had fortunately grabbed its collar
  • Footage of the incident went viral on social media and divided commentators

An unnerving video of a toddler narrowly escaping a mauling after repeatedly smacking a pet dog with an empty water bottle has stirred up a storm. 

The clip, taken on the streets of Beirut in Lebanon, shows a muscular hound dancing on its hind legs for its owner.

A curious toddler runs up to the dog and gently whacks it on the head with a plastic bottle from behind. The mutt did not react and instead looked up at its owner, waiting patiently for another command. 

But the toddler quickly circles back and continues to smack the dog from behind with increasing ferocity. 

The dog remains unperturbed at first but after four or five strikes suddenly snarls and wheels around, growling and barking at the boy who was spared by the quick-thinking owner who managed to grab the dog’s collar just before it lunged. 

The clip, which has racked up millions of views, has proven divisive among social media users.

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Some argued that the child was not acting out of malice and was simply learning about its environment and developing motor skills at such a young age, calling on the owner to keep the dog on a leash in a public place.

‘They are guilty of bringing this animal into a situation… the dog is capable of serious harm… not for off leash and in public,’ one user commented.

‘Wow incredible how people are placing responsibility on the child. The kid doesn’t look a day over 2… kids that age do not listen they only explore and are very curious… kids cannot assess danger,’ another added.

Many others however argued the kid was at fault and hit out at his parents for allowing him to recklessly smack the dog without intervening.

It is unclear whether the boy’s parents were present, although in the clip a woman in a pink jacket and blue jeans can be seen giggling and walking away as the boy runs off to follow her.

‘That kid should have been beside their parent, with a handheld and told to ‘look not touch,’ one comment read. 

‘Here’s a kid doing something dumb that kids do, and the parents seem nowhere to be found. They could easily lose a kid to a dog turned violent.’ 

The clip, taken on the streets of Beirut in Lebanon, shows a muscular hound dancing on its hind legs for its owner when a toddler comes up behind and smacks it with a plastic bottle

At first the dog doesn’t react but after four or five hits the hound snaps and barks at the kid as its owner holds it back by the collar

‘How are there little kids like this allowed to run up and cause trouble like this without their parent or guardian snatching them out of their shoes? Is that this boy’s mom way in he background just giggling and running?’ one person asked.

‘The dog was fine being well-behaved until the kid hit him. Would you be happy if someone kept hitting you with a water bottle? Try teaching your kids discipline for once,’ another declared. 

‘And… they’ll blame the dog. That kid is lucky that pup is more well-behaved than him,’ someone else chimed in.

It was unclear whether the dog in the video was a pit bull or a Staffordshire bull terrier. 

The former has a reputation for being brooding animals liable to bite and attack with little provocation, while the latter is known as a ‘nanny dog’ for its soft temperament, despite being built similarly to pit bulls with an incredibly powerful bite.

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