A LITTLE brother and sister have befriended a dead rabbit and say it should sleep in their bed with the other teddies.

Mum Lucy Collins, 30, was left shocked and in stitches of laughter when her two children, Harper, three, and Kobi, two, started arguing over who would look after the carcass the best and even named it Lily.

The mum of two from Saltburn by Sea, North Yorkshire, was out in the garden with the youngsters when they found the dead bunny and presented it to parents Lucy, and husband, John, 36.

But despite their efforts to coax the animal out of their children’s hands, Harper and Kobi insisted on cuddling Lily the rabbit, taking it for a ride on their pony with them and even asked to bring it to bed, before it was returned to be at peace in the wild.

Support worker, Lucy said: “We were riding round the top of the field when Harper shouted ‘look mummy it’s a rabbit and brought it over to me.

“It was clearly dead and I told her to put it back but then her and her brother started arguing over who was going to hold it and who could look after it the best.

“Eventually we had to let them take turns holding it, Harper was rocking it in her arms and Kobi took it for a long ride on the pony with him.

“Harper even wanted to take it to bed to be with her other teddies and keep it warm.

“I told her it would go mouldy but she said that didn’t matter.”

After inspecting the rabbit over for signs of myxomatosis – a virus often found in wild rabbits – Lucy and John knew the rabbit was safe to handle but ensure the kids got a good bath before bed without their new friend joining them.

Lucy said: “We’ve got a small holding so we’re not afraid of germs but there were no warning signs on the rabbit that gave us anything to be concerned about.

“It must have just eaten something it wasn’t meant to.

“But we decided it was still best to lay Lily to rest in the field.

“The only way we could get them to put it down was to promise to buy them a live one.”

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