A TRANS woman who injected industrial silicone into her face is stuck with droopy cheeks as she can't afford the £6,000 operation to fix them.

Juju Oliveira started a fundraiser to cover the cost the surgery after she said people told her she looked like a scrotum – but it fell well short of its target.

In a video posted to Instagram, where she has 37,700 followers, she explained that she shut down her online fundraising page, created in September last year.

She also revealed she donated the R$20,000 (£2,588) she had raised to an unspecified cause after failing to reach her R$45,000 (£5,824) target.

The 30-year-old had hoped to raise the money to fix her swollen face after she paid to have 250 millilitres (8.8 oz) of industrial silicone injected into her cheeks, nose, chin and jaw at a clandestine clinic in 2017.

Juju claimed trolls had called her 'Fofao' after the Brazilian fictional with cheeks resembling a scrotum in August last year.

She told her followers she still needed financial help and revealed her bank details in the hope of receiving continued donations.

In the since-deleted video, she said: "Today I am very sad. Knowing that I will not get the operation, that I will carry on with my face like this, all deformed. And that people will continue to bully me.

"I decided not to get the operation because I opened the fundraiser, and all this time, I kept asking, and the maximum I got was R$20,000.

"I was going to use this money for my life, I could give it back, but as it was a donation, I donated it to an institution."

The former escort, who lives in the Brazilian municipality of Passo Fundo, last hit headlines when she was forced to deny that she had spent the funds she had raised on a motorbike in February.

She told her followers at the time that she was not unhappy with her appearance but wanted to get the silicone removed for health reasons and because people bullied her.

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