TRUMP-hating MSNBC host Joe Scarborough ripped Melania for "lecturing" in her Republican National Convention Speech – but ignoring the president’s "cruelty".

Scarborough's scathing comments on Morning Joe on Wednesday morning came after the First Lady condemned people for being "mean and manipulative" on social media.

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"This modern world is moving so fast, and our children face challenges that seem to change every few months," the First Lady said in a "message to mothers."

"Just like me, I know many of you watch how mean and manipulative social media can be.

"And just like me I'm sure many of you are looking for answers, how to talk to your children about the downside of technology and their relationships with their peers."

She also spoke on "gossip" in news headlines, and said there should be more focus on issues like "the nation's drug crisis".

Speaking on MSNBC, Scarborough tore into Melania.

"Of course, never heard her criticize her own husband when he said that Mika was bleeding badly from a facelift,” Scarborough said, referencing to a Twitter attack Trump made on his wife and co-host Mika Brzezinski in 2017.

"Or when I was a murderer," Scarborough said, referencing a conspiracy pushed by the president surrounding the death of his former aide Lori Klausutis.

Scarborough added that the Klausutis' husband begged Trump "to stop being so hateful and causing their family extraordinary pain."

"Begging him to stop and he just continued over, and over, and over again, causing pain for that family," Scarborough said of the family's pleas.

Trump had claimed that the death of Klausutis in 2001 was "suspicious" in a series of tweets earlier this year.

Klausutis died when working in Scarborough's congressional office, after an undiagnosed heart condition caused her to fall and hit her head on a desk, according to her husband.

"I never heard Melania say anything, never heard her say anything when Donald Trump talked about bleeding badly from a facelift, but somebody used her child’s name in a pun and oh my God – locusts were descending from the heavens," Scarborough said.

"It was the end of the world,” Scarborough added of the incident.

His "pun" reference was on a comment from Stanford Law professor Pamela Karlan, who served as a witness for Democrats during Trump's impeachment hearing in the House, CNN reported.

Karlan used Barron Trump's name in a comment.

Melania condemned the comment in a tweet, saying: "A minor child deserves privacy and should be kept out of politics."

Scarborough continued of Melania, saying he supposes she is fine with her husband "savaging other people everyday, causing immeasurable pain," and "being the most extraordinarily hateful, malevolent force in American politics on a personal level in his constant daily attacks."

"But she's going to stand up and lecture?" Scarborough questioned.

"About gossip? She's inside the house, going to lecture about gossip? And she's going to lecture about the meanness of social media?"

He added: "I mean seriously. Talk about being shameless, absolutely shameless," he added.

Scarborough has been openly critical of President Trump, and the two have previously attacked one another on social media.

They had a heated exchange on Twitter earlier this year, when Trump labeled the Morning Joe host "nuts" and said his "mind is shot."

Scarborough quickly fired back at the president, telling him to "get to work" amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In her RNC speech, Melania Trump also praised her husband as "honest" and said "whether you like it or not, you always know what he is thinking.

As Melania spoke, actress Bette Midler drew criticism for mocking the First Lady's English and calling her an "illegal alien."

Midler was dubbed "xenophobic" and a "racist" following her Twitter rant.

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