Two women shot dead sparking Israeli manhunt for gunman

Two women have been killed in a shooting in the West Bank, Israeli authorities have confirmed. The attack was carried out on a vehicle near the Hamra settlement, according to reports. A third woman was also seriously injured in the attack. The shooting happened after Israeli airstrikes hit Lebanon and Gaza early on Friday, in response to rocket attacks Israel blamed on militant group Hamas.

Tensions have flared since the police raids on the al Aqsa Mosque in Jersualem this week.

Israel said its planes hit targets including tunnels and weapons manufacturing sites of Hamas.

Targest were also struck in southern Lebanon where residents reported three loud blasts at the time.

The strikes were in response to rocket attacks from Lebanon which Israeli officials said was caused by Hamas.

The Israeli military said 34 rockets were launched from Lebanon, with 25 being intercepted by air defence systems.

It marked one of the largest attacks since 2006 when Israel fought a war with the Hezbollah movement.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: “Israel’s response, tonight and later, will exact a significant price from our enemies.”

UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly today condemned “indiscriminate rocket attacks” launched at Israel overnight and called for calm.

He added: “The UK condemns the indiscriminate rocket attacks from southern Lebanon and Gaza and recognises Israel’s right to self-defence,” he said.

“Now is the time for all parties across the region to de-escalate tensions.

“At the convergence of Passover, Ramadan and Easter, the UK calls for all parties to respect the historic Status Quo arrangements at Jerusalem’s holy sites and cease all provocative action.”

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