UK cold weather forecast: Snow, frost AND high winds loom as Greenland air mass to strike

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns of torrential rain

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People in northern Scotland are expected to wake up to freezing weather and the temperature is set to plummet to -3C, according to latest charts. The cold temperature is expected to continue down into the north of England, with weather set to drop to 0C by 6am on Thursday morning.

Met Office meteorologist Alex Deakin warned a rapid change in the wind direction is set to send temperatures plunging on Thursday.

He said in his latest weather forecast: “The changing wind direction will bring a colder feel come Thursday for most parts of the UK.

“Some places struggling to get into double digits on the strength of the wind, and that is quite a shift compared to Tuesday’s values, just 9C or 10C.

“These weather fronts are slipping their way southwards and wind is coming down from the north, introducing much colder air and it will be a chilly night Thursday going into Friday.”

According to the BBC long-range forecast, the weather will turn wet and cold from next week as October draws to an end.

They predicted: “The result is wet but much colder outlook for the end of the month, which is even cold enough for snow in northern Scottish hills.

“This is still just a risk though, as we think high pressure will be more transient until we get into November.”

The rain is set to continue into November with up to 38mm of rain expected to fall by midday on November 2.

For the first half of November, the weather should become less volatile due to high pressure building in the Atlantic.

The wind direction is expected to change to north-westerly or even northerly, the BBC reported.

However, the colder air mass is set to reach the UK from Iceland or Greenland, with temperatures likely to drop “below average”.

By 9am on November 3, the Scottish Highlands will see temperatures plummet back down to -2 as winter arrives.

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In a similar pattern to this month, the freezing weather will continue down the country.

The north of England will see temperatures drop back down to zero degrees, while the south east and Wales will record milder temperatures of around 7C and 8C.

The BBC continued: “A colder air mass would then be able to reach into the UK from Iceland or Greenland, and temperatures should begin to trend below average.

“Low pressure should remain close enough that it will still be wet at times, but we do expect that winds will drop down as the jet stream weakens.

“If we get a few days of consistent northerly winds, we may see a cold snap and some frosty weather develop, mainly in northern areas.

“There is some uncertainty on the exact position of the high, and this will have a big impact on the temperatures especially.

“Some computer models are favouring high pressure in Central Europe instead, strengthening to our southeast.”

They went on to predict that while there will be a warmer pattern, it will remain “wet and windy”.

The BBC continued: “This would be a warmer pattern for the UK, but still a wet and windy one.

“Confidence is highest for wetter weather to continue in November, and lower on the outlook for temperatures.”

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