UK weather forecast: Snow blizzard warning as bone-chilling -7C freeze to hit NEXT WEEK

UK weather: Cold temperatures forecast by Met Office

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Meteorologist Jim Dale has warned that the UK will be hit by a cold front at the end of January, which will bring 36 hours of snowy weather in what he described as a “shock to the system”. He said that the change in weather may also be powerful enough to bring blizzard conditions on higher ground.

Weather forecaster WXCharts is showing up to 4inches (10cm) of snow in parts of Scotland and up to 0.7inches (2cm) of snow across parts of the UK including Leeds, Carlise and Norwich.

Regions between London and Manchester can expect up to 4inches (10cm) of snow per hour, the forecaster predicted.

WXCharts has also forecast lows of -5C in Scotland, with much of the UK seeing sub-zero temperatures.

But Mr Dale, senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, has said the UK could see even colder temperatures with the mercury plunging as low as -7C.

Speaking to, he said: “The high pressure is regressing by the time we get to the 31st – this sedate tranquil, boring weather.

“Basically, a cold front comes south during the course of that particular day – 30th into the 31st, it sort of happens the day before and then the cold air pushes in over the night.

“What it’s going to do is deliver some snow.

“But the snow is going to be confined almost certainly to Scotland and the majority of that is over the highlands and the Grampians.

“So they’re going to get a good covering.

“They’re going to go back to where they were a few weeks ago, where they had a decent covering before the milder weather came in.

“And it will feel colder as that cold front comes down further south across the country.

“Temperatures in the overnight 31st into the 1st tipping down. And you’re going to see the Glenns around -5C, -6C, -7C, that sort of temperature.

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According to Mr Dale, the cold weather will last for only up to 36 hours and is unlikely to return in the near future.

He said: “It doesn’t last, it’s a short 24, 36 hour period – it’s not actually a case of it coming back across the following week.

“It’s just a quick, sharp shock to the system, particularly for Scotland.

“It may be powerful enough, there may be enough wind in that 24 hours as the snow is falling to cause blizzards over the high ground.

“You’re really talking those higher-level routes, some of the higher villages and what have you that are up there.

“But it dissipates quite quickly and ends up in the North sea.

“It’s quite a concentrated frontal system, it comes in and then whams back out again into the North Sea.”

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