Ukraine's defiant armed forces are facing a new and unexpected threat after soldiers shot and recovered an Iran-made “suicide drone” used by Russia.

The shocking discovery was found on the field of battle near Kupiansk in Kharkiv.

The official Twitter account for the Ukrainian Army posted images of a device it recovered.

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Photos show a partially-destroyed UAV Shahed-136.

The device had Russian writing on it, but is known to have been made in anti-Western Iran.

According to the experts at Military Factory, the device is a modern “swarming drone” made and developed by Iran.

It contains 400kg of what is known as “loitering munition” – which is mainly used to hit targets on the ground.

As well as being used in Ukraine, it was also used in Yemen.

The suicide machine also carries four Sadid-345 PGM bombs, which are guided missiles capable of blowing up huge targets.

However, it appears that the addition of these deadly machines – of which it is not know how many Russia actually has – has not helped Vladimir Putin's men at all.

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We revealed yesterday that Russia's failing war in Ukraine has cost the country around £1billion in weapons in just three weeks after its troops had been pushed back in Ukraine almost right to where it was in 2014 – with Ukraine even sending troops back into the Donbass region.

As part of a Ukrainian strategic move, the country has regained most of its lost territory, which means Russia has spent six months or so invading the country and coming away with almost nothing.

In fact, it has lost more than it gained.

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And now that the news of the heavy losses have filtered through to its troops, those being forced to fight under despotic Russian President Vladimir Putin are surrendering in droves.

According to Serhiy Haidai, the governor of Luhansk, the Russian soldiers “understand the hopelessness of their situation”.

He explained: “Learning about the number of dead (around 43,000), Russian troops are refusing to fight on the territory of Ukraine, payments to the wounded occupiers have been halted.

“The military command of the Russian Federation suspended the dispatch of new, already formed units to the territory of Ukraine."

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