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Dog owers have revealed the naughtiest things their pooches have done, including one pup who got high while on a walk and another who steals the towels at shower time.

We are a nation of dog lovers, despite their occasional bad behaviour. DogsLive wondered what they got up to when no one was looking, and the response was astonishing.

Destroying photos, stealing money and a bizarre disdain for a chef, to name a few.

Some of the biggest incidents have included a dog who stumbled on a few suspicious mushrooms whilst on a walk, reports BelfastLive.

Catherine Moore from Newtownards, said: "Cali found what must have been magic mushrooms while we were out on a walk in a field.

"She's normally a very composed dog, but she started acting a bit weird like she was zoned out, so I took her to the vet. It was a bit embarrassing having to take a stoned dog.

"We reckoned she must have got into magic mushrooms and was feeling the effects. She was kept in for observation but she didn't do much, just sat there, a drooling mess, eyes closed, slobbers dripping and pretty out of it.

"Thankfully she was fine after her accidental experiment. Cali is my best friend, and to be fair she is normally much more composed. It was a lesson learned, Cali was fine and has vowed never to go near shrooms again."

But Catherine wasn’t the only dog lover to discover her best mate had been up to mischief.

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Pests and chefs: Judith Lyons said: "My Cocker Spaniel developed dementia and began assaulting my Nevin Maguire cookbook. This went on for two weekends in a row before he finally ate the entire book."

Turkey plans: Richard Goberish said: "On a Christmas Day walk my Lab managed to slip his collar, ran through an open back-gate, straight up to the open kitchen-door, into the kitchen and took a leap up towards the turkey that the lady of the house had just taken out of the oven. I think it was her shrill screams that finally stopped him in his tracks. I have avoided the residential area at the bottom of Belfast Castle ever since. It has stunned me to realise that even after several hounds and all their shenanigans, the Lab story is still the most traumatising."

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Wedding game: Paul Scott: "Franklin disrupted a family getting their wedding photos taken in the park. The cameraman had a stuffed animal to get the child’s attention for the camera and my Lab Franklin ran up and stole it out of his hand. I chased him all over the park for a half-hour trying to get it back. Got it back, returned it but they were not happy."

Naked ambitions: Libby Porter said: "My dog would steal all the towels while I was showering and take them to the other end of the house. I locked her in my bedroom one day so I could have 10 minutes to shower in peace but she ripped the bottom half of the door clean off."

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