US suffers 3,220 Covid deaths a DAY on average this week with jabs to be given out at Disneyland and stadiums

DAILY deaths from Covid in the U.S are now averaging more than 3,220  — equivalent to the 9/11 toll every day.

The shocking figures recorded by Johns Hopkins University comes as it was announced that coronavirus vaccines will be given in Disneyland and stadiums. 

The massive surge of Covid-19 nationwide has been fueled by people traveling over the holiday period as well as casual at-home gatherings.

Over the past week, an average of 3,223 Covid-19 deaths a day and 248,650 new infections has been reported every day.

The total dead so far is about 379,365 which is fast nearing the 419,400 Americans who died in World War Two.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said. "This is what we were afraid of — people letting their guard down over Christmas and New Year's.”

It comes as the United States ramps up its vaccination campaign, which is the largest operation of its kind in history. 

This is taking place in theme parks and resorts such as Disneyland in Florida as well as football stadiums, major league ballparks, fairgrounds and convention centers.

Covid shots will be available to such groups as senior citizens, teachers, bus drivers, police officers and firefighters.

As of Monday morning, the government had distributed about 25.5 million doses to states, U.S. territories and major cities. 

But only about 9 million people had received their first shot, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's online tracker. 

That means only about 35 per cent of the available vaccines had been administered.

Initially, the shots were going to health care workers and nursing home residents. 

Those 75 and older were next in line. 

But problems arose even in vaccinating that limited pool of people. 

Some hospital and nursing home workers have been hesitant to get the vaccine. 

Scheduling issues created delays in getting shots to nursing homes.

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