Heart-stopping moment young man dices with death at level crossing as he staggers across railways tracks seconds before a freight train doing 100pmh thunders past

  • Shocking footage released by Network Rail shows ‘reckless’ man in Lincoln
  • The young man can be seen clambering over the barriers and clearing the two live tracks just seconds before huge freight strain storms past
  • The video was published as a ‘lesson in rail safety’ for Lincoln university freshers

Shocking footage shows the moment a young man diced with death on a level crossing as he stumbled across the live railway tracks just moments before a train thundered past.

The worrying CCTV has been released by Network Rail as part of a warning to student freshers following the near-miss in the heart of Lincoln’s city centre.

The video shows a young male in black jeans and a grey hoodie, who appears intoxicated, ignoring the obvious alarms and climbing over the barriers of the level crossing to cross the railway tracks.

Just four seconds after he clears the two live tracks on Lincoln High Street, a heavy freight train storms through at around 100mph, blaring its horn.

All the while, the man seems oblivious to the danger.

The footage was released as a ‘lesson in rail safety’ to the latest cohort of students starting at University of Lincoln.

With more than 200 trains speeding through this busy level crossing each day, Network Rail said it was ‘paramount’ to both newcomers to the city and long-term residents to know how to use it safely.

Community safety manager for Network Rail, Elisha Allen said: ‘The behaviour is incredibly dangerous and deeply concerning.

‘The individual involved recklessly risked their life to stumble just a few metres further forward.

‘The level crossing on Lincoln High Street is a busy and active route across the railway, and it can present a real danger if not used correctly.

‘People need to be well aware of the dangers, pay attention to the unmissable alarms, and remain vigilant when crossing the tracks, particularly while under the influence.

‘We’ve worked with our rail industry partners to deliver a hard-hitting lesson for new students at the University of Lincoln and help people understand how to stay safe around the railway.’

British Transport Police (BTP), Network Rail and East Midlands Railways (EMR) have now joined forces to issue guidance to students on staying safe on a night out.

CCTV footage released by Network Rail shows a man clambering over the barriers at a level crossing in Lincoln

The man staggers across two live tracks seemingly oblivious to the clear warnings that a train is coming

They delivered a vital safety session for freshers as part of the University of Lincoln’s ‘staying safe on a night out’ week.

Students tried bespoke virtual reality headsets and discovered the top tips for using a level crossing safety.

These tips are: it is easy to get distracted, especially by phones, music and conversation; stop, look and listen, follow signs and instructors; check both ways before crossing; if there is a train coming, don’t cross; understand the warnings (lights, barriers, alarms).

BTP Chief Inspector Rick Sweeney added: ‘The railway is no place to take a shortcut.

‘Getting somewhere a little quicker is not worth the risk, and we have seen first-hand that this can lead to tragic consequences or life-changing injuries – both outcomes are avoidable.

The man has only just cleared the tracks when a huge freight train travelling at 100mph storms past

Network Rail released the footage as a warning against not following safety procedures at level crossings

‘There is simply no excuse for not following the safety procedures at level crossings.

‘Trains travel at speeds of up to 125mph, sitting wider than the tracks they run on and often quieter than expected.

‘The public continues to be our eyes and ears, and they can help us by reporting any concerns or incidents to us directly by texting 61016 or calling 0800 40 50 40.’

Lucy Gallacher, emergency planning manager at East Midlands Railway, said: ‘This footage is deeply worrying.

‘The person involved shows a reckless regard for their own lives, as well as the safety of train passengers and railway staff.

‘Ignoring warning signs and instructions at level crossings can have devastating repercussions, especially while under the influence and we hope this footage provides an important reminder that people should always follow the rules and remain alert when crossing the tracks.’

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