Wrong way! Pair’s trust fall fails spectacularly when girl topples FORWARDS into a stream

  • A Moscow woman was standing by a stream with a friend to try a ‘trust fall’ 
  • Her friend was standing behind her ready to catch her when she leaned back
  • However, the woman leaned forward and fell head first into the water 

This is the hilarious moment a Russian woman fails in a ‘trust fall’ in a most spectacular fashion, by tumbling into a stream. 

The woman, who has not been identified, can be seen standing on the edge of the water in Moscow with a man standing behind her. 

In a trust fall, the participant is expected to lean backwards where they will be saved from bashing their skull off the ground by their partner who is expected to grab them. 

The woman was standing on the edge of a stream in Moscow with a friend to perform a ‘trust fall’

The woman fell forward into the stream much to the surprise of her friend 

The woman plunged into the stream after misunderstanding the trust fall instructions 

This time, the woman leaned forward and tumbled into the water. Her exasperated partner sat down on his haunches with his head in his hands.  

The woman, who was wearing a white summer dress remained stiff as she fell into the water. 

The person filming the incident cuts a few seconds from the footage, but the woman can be heard talking to her friend trying to figure out what went wrong.  

This is the latest ‘trust fall fail’, with people unable to follow the simple instructions. 

In one case in Birmingham, UK, Chris Swann thought he would teach his twin nephews Scott and Paul how to perform the trick.  

However, after he positioned their arms crossed on their chests and told to shut their eyes, count to three and then fall, he realised he didn’t say ‘fall backwards’.

As a result the youngsters fell the wrong direction.  

In America, youths created the hashtag #trustfallchallenge, where people were filmed standing in front of random strangers before falling backwards – in the hope the person reacted quickly.   

Many have ended up flat on their backs when the person they fall on is too shocked to spring into action quickly enough to catch them.  

The exasperated man sat down on his haunches after watching his friend fall into the water

Chris Swann, of Birmingham, tried to teach his nine-year-old nephews, Scott and Paul how to do a trust fall

Here goes: The young girl puts her hands in the air and throws herself forward without warning

Another victim  girl named Avery, from Vass, North Carolina, was filmed standing in the living room alongside her dad Chris and their decorated Christmas tree.

She fell forwards in a spectacular fashion.  

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