Now Waitrose recalls sandwiches ‘due to potential Salmonella risk’ after Pret removed ALL chicken items from its menu and Aldi scrapped Caesar wraps

  • Waitrose is recalling 10 of its chicken sandwich and wrap lines as a precaution
  • Sainsbury’s is recalling chicken sandwiches, wraps, platters and cooked chicken
  • Pret A Manger has removed all of the chicken items that are usually on its menu
  • The sandwich chain says the removal is linked to ‘safety risk’ at a supplier
  • Meanwhile, Food Standards Agency put out recalls for Aldi Caesar wraps
  • The recalled items are thought to have been contaminated by salmonella 

Waitrose is now recalling some of its chicken sandwich range due to a potential salmonella risk, after Pret A Manger removed all the chicken items on its menu, Aldi recalled its chicken and bacon Caesar wraps and Sainsburys took action on its cooked chicken offering. 

The supermarket has taken the decision as a ‘precautionary measure’ and urged customers not to eat the sandwiches and wraps. 

It is thought to be due to an issue from a supplier. 

‘We’re recalling 10 of our Waitrose chicken sandwich and wrap lines — with Use By dates up to and including 14 May — due to a potential Salmonella risk,’ a spokesperson told MailOnline.

‘Customers should not consume these items and should return them to us for a full refund. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.’

Waitrose told MailOnline it is recalling 10 of its own chicken sandwich and wrap lines — with Use By dates up to and including 14 May, but it did not specify which exact ones. Pictured, the chicken and bacon Caesar, and southern fried chicken wraps

The spokesperson did not specify which exact wraps and sandwich flavours are recalled. 

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said in a Tweet: ‘We are recalling the majority of Sainsbury’s and Taste the Difference chicken sandwiches, chicken wraps, chicken sandwich platters and some of our cooked chicken.’

It was described as a precautionary measure, with the supermarket chain adding: ‘Our supplier has alerted us that salmonella has been detected in some batches of cooked chicken.’

Pret also took the ‘precautionary measure’ to removed the chicken items ‘due to a potential food safety risk at a supplier’. 

The chain previously advertised a Sriracha Chicken Salad Wrap for its new menu but the item does not currently appear on its website.

Previous staples including the Chicken Caesar baguette are also not available, with a notice saying ‘Oops, this product is currently not in our shops’.

A Pret A Manger spokesperson told MailOnline: ‘As a precautionary measure, we’ve temporarily removed the majority of chicken items on our menu due to a potential food safety risk at one of our suppliers. 

Pret a Manger has removed all of its chicken items from its online menu – sparking fears they have also been hit with salmonella issues


When searching for Pret’s Chicken Caesar wrap, the website says ‘Oops, this product is currently not in our shops’

‘We hope to have these products back in shops soon. We apologise for any inconvenience.’ 

Waitrose’s and Pret’s issues have been linked to Aldi, which had to recall its chicken and bacon Caesar wraps over salmonella fears and Sainsbury’s, where customers reports being ‘blocked’ from buying chicken. 

Anyone with the Aldi items in their fridge is being advised not to eat them by the Food Standards Agency. They are instead being asked to return them to the nearest store for a full refund.

The Eat + Go chicken and bacon Caesar wrap and triple wrap are both affected. The items contaminated have use by dates of May 11 and May 12.

Meanwhile, Brits took to social media to report chicken being removed from Sainsbury’s branches. 

Aldi has recalled Eat + Go Chicken & Bacon Caesar Wrap and Eat + Go Chicken & Bacon Caesar Wrap Triple because of the possible presence of salmonella

One said: ‘Tried to buy cooked chicken at @sainsburys tonight and it’s been blocked at the till from being sold – anyone else found issues? 

‘Apparently all cooked chicken is blocked from sale including chicken sandwiches.’

Another wrote: ‘I saw two staff members removing loads of chicken products from the shelves this evening, they were being ‘destroyed’ – working from a big list. 

‘I managed to buy some but they checked the list first!’

MailOnline has contacted the Food Standards Agency, Aldi and Sainsbury’s for comment. 

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