KILLER cop Derek Chauvin has been found guilty of the murder of George Floyd on all counts – a decision which prompted cheers from the crowd at the courthouse after a historic trial.

A fellow rapper and close friend of Floyd’s said the 46-year-old was a “gentle giant” and well-known in Houston's rap culture as being a friendly guy.

Was George Floyd a rapper?

According to Billboard, Floyd was once a part of Houston rap crew The Screwed Up Click.

The Click was known for producing a thick “chopped and screwed” sound, which was created by intentionally slowing down the beats of popular songs.

Floyd contributed to some of their earlier work, as a member of the large extended S.U.C. family.

He was reportedly known as “Big Floyd” within the group.

Fellow Houston rapper Cal Wayne says he saw Floyd as a big brother, growing up with him in the Houston projects and even living with him aged 11.

Wayne, 38, described his agony at watching the video of Floyd crying out for his mother Sissy, who died about 18 months ago, as he was pinned to the ground by four police officers.

Wayne said Floyd, 46, was a “gentle giant” and well-known in Houston's rap culture as being a friendly guy.

Who are Screwed Up Click?

The Screwed Up Click is an American Hip Hop collective.

It comprises an assortment of rappers from the Southside of Houston, Texas, and was led by the late DJ Screw.

While the group has disbanded, many members still produce music as solo artists or with other groups.

How have Houston's Hip-Hop scene remembered George Floyd? 

George Floyd, or ‘Big Floyd’, was well known and liked in the Houston music scene.

At a protest in Floyd’s honor in June last year, an estimated 60,000 people took to the streets of downtown Houston, including religious leaders, musicians and artists.

Thousands of signs mentioned Floyd’s name, according to reports from Norcal Public Media.

His old music recorded with the Screwed Up Click streamed out of speakers for the occasion, too.

A mural was also painted to memorialise George Floyd in his hometown of Houston.

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