Revealed: Wayne Couzens was on duty for the Met Police when he flashed female cyclist while totally naked four months before he raped and murdered Sarah Everard – as force is accused of missed opportunities to stop him

  • The killer Met officer known as ‘the penis guy’ by some McDonald’s staff
  • He served in the same elite armed unit as the serial rapist David Carrick 

Wayne Couzens was on duty for the Met when he emerged completely naked out of woodland to flash a female cyclist four months before he murdered Sarah Everard, it can be revealed today. 

The firearms officer yesterday admitted three indecent exposure offences, but police took no action at the time, leaving him free to continue serving in the Met’s elite Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command. 

In the most striking missed opportunity, the 50-year-old exposed himself in front of staff at a McDonald’s restaurant just three days before he kidnapped, raped and murdered Ms Everard in March 2021. 

The Met was provided with the number plate of the car Couzens had driven since 2015 and details from his bank card – but detectives failed to investigate properly and he remained in his role as an elite armed officer. 

It can now be reported that Couzens was meant to be on duty when he exposed himself to a female cyclist while masturbating at the roadside near Deal in Kent on November 13, 2020. 

Wayne Couzens served as a Kent police officer before transferring to the Met Police elite unit where he was armed for his duties

The woman told a passing police officer who promised to ‘have a look’, and she later made an official report to Kent Police, giving a clear description of him.

The incident happened at about 2.30pm, towards the end of Couzens’ shift and he was ‘on duty at the time of this offence’, prosecutors said in court documents seen by the Standard. 

Couzens was charged with a string of indecent exposure offences after he admitted murdering the marketing executive, 33, with proceedings covered by reporting restrictions to ensure he had a fair trial.

Restrictions were lifted when the killer yesterday admitted two counts relating to the McDonald’s in Swanley, Kent, and the third allegation relating to the female cyclist. 

The McDonald’s worker previously spoke of her anger at the police for failing to stop the predator, who some takeaway staff nicknamed ‘the penis guy’ on account of his perverted sexual behaviour.  

As MailOnline revealed at the time, police even knew his name but did not realise he was a Met officer.      

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, the worker fumed: ‘The police took our statements and took away CCTV. 

‘If they had taken this more seriously, they could easily have figured out that he was a policeman who had committed these crimes. 

‘The police had three days to stop him but didn’t. It could have stopped him from doing a lot worse.’          

The McDonald’s drive-thru in Swanley, Kent, where Couzens flashed staff  

Sarah Everard, 33, was abducted, raped and murdered by Couzens while he was a serving Metropolitan Police officer

Couzens kidnapped Miss Everard on March 3, 2021, using his warrant card to convince her she was under arrest for breaking Covid rules then restraining her with his police-issue handcuffs and belt.   

His new admissions yesterday came a week after another Met Police officer, David Carrick, 48, was jailed for 30 years for raping and sexually assaulting a dozen women.

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The force has said there was no evidence the pair knew each other, but their crimes have led to an urgent review of all staff who have had reports of domestic abuse or sexual offending made against them.

The Old Bailey heard that Couzens, currently serving a whole-life sentence for Miss Everard’s murder, targeted the McDonald’s in Swanley, Kent, twice in February 2021.

He looked into the eyes of female staff while handing over his bank card and exposing himself, the court heard. 

He has admitted three indecent exposure offences, and denied another three. He will be sentenced on March 6.

Scotland Yard assistant commissioner Bas Javid said: ‘We know the public will be sickened at yet more grotesque crimes by Couzens.’

‘Flushing out the corrupt and the criminal from the Met will be slow and painful, but… this is how we will reform and become an institution Londoners can have confidence in.’

The Met has defended its decision to prosecute Couzens for indecent exposure even though he will never be released from prison for the murder.  

Couzens admitted to three counts of indecent exposure 

A court artist sketch by Elizabeth Cook of Couzens appearing via video link in February 2022

Deputy Assistant Commissioner for Professionalism Bas Javid said he hopes the decision to prosecute ‘goes some small way’ to show people the Met will be ‘ruthless’ in holding rogue officers to account.

Mr Javid said: ‘It’s every victim’s right to be listened to and to have their case investigated.

‘I know the homicide team were meticulous and committed in doing everything they could to get justice for them.

‘I hope this goes some small way to help the public understand that we will be ruthless in holding officers, even one serving a whole life order and who will never know freedom again, to account.

‘We know the public will, understandably, be sickened at yet more grotesque crimes by Couzens.

‘The process of flushing out the corrupt and the criminal from the Met will be slow and painful, but is necessary and we will continue to do so.

‘This is how we will reform, move forward and become an institution Londoners can have confidence in.’

Couzens – who is already serving a whole life term – will be sentenced for these offences in March

Detective Chief Inspector Katherine Goodwin, who leads the specialist crime command team that originally investigated Miss Everard’s murder, said: ‘It was hugely important for the team to listen to those who came forward, investigate their allegations thoroughly and make sure Couzens faced justice for this offending.

‘It was our job to support them and hold him to account on their behalf and we took this duty seriously. Today is about those who were subjected to his vile behaviour and who have helped bring him to justice.

‘Couzens tried to frighten and demean them, but they have only shown strength and dignity in reporting him and supporting this investigation.

‘I would like to thank them for their patience, co-operation and help throughout the case.’       

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