Wetherspoons hikes prices by 7.5 per cent

Wetherspoons increases price of a pint by up to 29p and meal deals by 75p as it hikes prices by 7.5 per cent

  • A pint of Stella will now cost £3.60 after originally only costing £3.35
  • Wetherspoons still, however, believe that their prices are competitive 
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Wetherspoons has hiked their food and drink prices by 7.5% in a move which will see the price of a pint increase by up to 29p.

The popular low-cost pub chain has also risen the prices of meal deals by up to 75p amid the cost-of-living crisis. 

This comes weeks after it confirmed that ten of their pubs will be closing for good after being sold and another 35 branches are still up for sale.

The new changes by Wetherspoons now means the cost of a pint of Carlsberg has risen from £2.39 to £2.57, a pint of Stella has gone from £3.35 to £3.60 and a Leffe has spiked from £3.85 to £4.14.

Wetherspoons has increased food and drink prices by 7.5 per cent, which means the price of a pint and meal deal will all now be higher 

A pint of Stella now costs £3.60 after the price increase, rising from £3.35 

The cost of a pint of the popular Belgian Leffe beer has risen from £3.85 to £4.14

For Corona fans, a pint will now be £3.71 after originally only costing £3.45 and a pint of San Miguel has risen by 26p to £3.71. 

In Oxted, a fish and chips with an alcoholic beverage was £9.90 but it is now £10.65.

An 8oz sirloin steak with an alcoholic drink is now £10.27, up from £9.55.

To add to this, an ultimate burger with a pint of beer has increased from £9.85 to £10.65 while a chicken tikka masala with the same drink choice has gone from £9.70 to £10.43.

But it’s not only dinners which are being affected – a large breakfast will now set you back £6.34 after previously being £5.90 and a cup of tea or coffee has gone from £1.35 to £1.45. 

Fish and chips with an alcoholic beverage was £9.90 but it will now cost you £10.65

The ultimate burger meal at Wetherspoons has also seen an increase in price 

Even the large breakfast has seen an increase in price. It will now cost £6.34 after rising from £5.90

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At the start of the year Wetherspoons did warn that prices could climb to battle the soaring food and energy costs.

Eddie Gershon, the Wetherspoon spokesman, said in response to the increased prices that they still believe their prices are competitive.

He explained how most hospitality businesses have struggled with increased prices in recent years.  

He also said the rate of increase in food and drink is still less than the rate of inflation. 

Last year the Watford-based firm, who have close to 850 pubs in Britain and Ireland, were forced to increase the cost of pints by 10p on average at most pubs due to a hike in energy bills.

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