What are tow straps?

Several types of straps are available, including kinetic recovery ropes, winch extension straps, tree-saver
straps, and tow straps, with steel rope and chain also viable options. But what sets each one apart?
Kinetic recovery ropes, also known as recovery tow straps or recovery straps, are commonly used by off-
road drivers and can extract a car from various sticky situations. Recovery straps are designed with nylon,
which allows them to store kinetic energy when stretching, resulting in additional pull that can help
another driver extract a stuck vehicle.
Winch extension straps are heavy-duty straps that extend the length of a winch cable for vehicle recovery
operations. They are designed to work with a tree-saver strap to provide a safe and secure attachment
point while preventing damage to trees and other anchor points. Extending the length of the winch cable
allows for more flexibility in choosing anchor points. It can be advantageous in challenging recovery
situations where the closest anchor point is further away than the length of the winch cable. Choosing the
right size of extension strap for the job and using it properly to avoid injury or damage to equipment is
Tree-saver straps are short straps, but they are often wider than traditional straps to prevent damage to
the tree bark. In addition, the straps have loops or hooks at both ends, allowing them to be easily
attached to a vehicle or other anchor point.
Using tree-saver straps can help prevent damage to trees and surrounding vegetation during off-road
recovery or towing operations. They also distribute the weight of the vehicle or equipment more evenly,
reducing stress on the tree and minimizing the risk of the strap slipping or becoming damaged.
Although steel ropes and chains were once popular for vehicle towing, they tend to lose out to straps due
to their heavy weight, lack of compactness, need for rust treatment, safety concerns, and ease of use.
Tow straps help tow a stationary vehicle on a regular road due to technical difficulties. Polyester, the
material for tow straps, is suitable for towing cars, SUVs, trucks, and agricultural equipment. However, it's
crucial to ensure that the minimum breaking force matches the vehicle's weight when purchasing a tow
strap. Polyester straps are just as strong as their metal counterparts, yet they are lighter, more compact,
and don't require any special equipment like gloves. In addition, the structure and material of the tow
strap allow for different attachment methods, such as hooks or staples and even a special knot.
Furthermore, tow straps are highly portable and can be stored with ease.
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