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SHAMIMA BEGUM leaving the UK to go to Syria and become an ISIS bride is well documented.

What isn't as well known is what happened to the two other girls who left with her in 2015.

Shamima Begum

Shamima Begum was just 14 when she left her family home in Bethnal Green with two friends and fled to Syria.

She caused controversy after she gave an interview with a Times journalist who found her in a refugee camp after she and her husband were caught by the Kurds.

Begum told the journalist that she didn't regret joining the murderous cult but was desperate to return home and have her baby with the support of the NHS.

She was married to Dutch Islamist fighter Yago Riedijk.


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The mum of three from East London moaned last year how she missed fish and chips and the NHS.

Shamima's brazen lack of remorse sparked fury as she said the Manchester Arena suicide bombing was justified and claimed she deserves more sympathy.

Amira Abase

Amira Abase left the UK when she was just 15 to become an ISIS bride.

Her dad called for her to be allowed back because she made a "mistake" in 2019.



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Hussen Abase hasn't seen or spoken to his daughter since she left in 2015 but still believes that she is alive.

He blamed ISIS's social media propaganda for "tricking" the girls to go to Syria, telling Sky News in 2019: "Teenagers don’t contemplate things, they can be easily tricked, they should be forgiven.”

His comments come despite not hearing from his daughter as Amira is unaccounted for after recent bombing in Baghouz, eastern Syria.

Kadiza Sultana

It is believed that Kadiza Sultana was killed in a 2017 airstrike after she fled the country with her pals.

Her family, who had been in contact with her over the phone told ITV News that she was killed in a Russian bomb strike in Raqqa in May.

She was just 16 when she flew to Istanbul and travelled to the Syrian boarder.

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