It was a Wheel of Fortune first Tuesday night, when sixth grade teacher Laura Trammell, from Mission Viejo, became the first person ever to win a house during the bonus round during Wheel of Fortune's "Home Sweet Home" giveaway, which is happening every night this week in partnership with Minto and Latitude Margaritaville.

Heading into the bonus round, Trammell had already won $23,690 including a trip to St. Thomas for a tropical island getaway. However, after solving the bonus round puzzle with the phrase "I caught a glimpse," Trammell caught a glimpse of her future life of sipping margaritas, when she found out she had landed on the home envelope during her spin, which ultimately won her a new crib valued at $375,000 in Margaritaville.

"This is just nuts," said host Pat Sajak. Trammell, who was initially speechless, later told Sajak, "I am beyond excited, I'm still in shock. I still can't believe it just happened." Meanwhile, viewers on social media were also speechless and shocked about Trammell's historic win, and many took to Twitter to congratulate her:

I’m speechless!!! A new house?!?!

— Señor Devlin ?????️‍?✊? (@DevlinHuxtable) April 27, 2021

Practically in tears because someone won a house on #WheelOfFortune. Please help me.

— Lära (@laralea) April 27, 2021

Home girl won a house ? on #WheelOfFortune !!!! $375,000!!! Congratulations ??

— DBS (@DBSTRONG) April 27, 2021

In the end, Trammell walked away with $398,690 in cash and prizes, and Vanna White walked away with her eye intact, as Sajak explained, "First thing, I have to tell you that, when you won, Vanna was running across the stage, and the confetti came out, and you got whacked in the head by a clump of confetti!"

"Thank goodness, it wasn't my eye," White replied to Sajak, who exclaimed, "You could've put your eye out!"

Wheel of Fortuneis a syndicated show which airs weekdays. Please visit the show’s site for local listings of time and channel.

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