JANUARY can be a depressing month for some, particularly for those family who decide to split after the festive season.

Here we explain what Divorce Day is, and why relationships break down in January.

When is National Divorce Day?

Divorce Day is shortly after Christmas and New Year where divorce lawyers see a surge in enquiries.

This year it falls on Tuesday January 4, 2022, as the first working day of the new year.

It usually falls on the first working Monday of the new year but this year's first Monday was a bank holiday.

Many couples wait until after the festive season has finished, to avoid a messy divorce over the holidays.

What is National Divorce Day?

National Divorce Day is the first working Monday of the new year when legal firms see a surge in enquiries from couples seeking a divorce.

Head of family law at legal firm Slater & Gordon Andrew Newbury told The Independent in 2015: “We’ve seen the number of inquiries double around this time and then in late January it tails off.

"Over the last two or three years I’ve noticed that people even inquire a little bit earlier between Christmas and New Year.”

And official figures reported that thirteen people filed for divorce on Christmas Day 2018 in England and Wales.

Why are couples more likely to get a divorce in January?

It is thought the surge is due to a breakdown in relationships nearing the festive period, with couples halting divorce proceedings until after Christmas and New Year so as not to spoil the fun.

Relationships can break down in January because of New Year's resolutions or stress over the holiday period.

Family lawyer Samantha Farndale said: “A rush of cases at the start of January can create a real backlog for the courts, which creates delays.

“In previous years we have seen clients face up to four weeks’ wait on their cases.

“Spending days together in closer quarters can bring up issues.”

Being cooped up over the holidays and excess Christmas boozing can also see couples clashing.

Relate said that calls to the charity increased by 12 per cent in January 2019, with website visits up 53 per cent.

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