LONDON’S Lib Dem mayoral candidate Luisa Porritt has three main aims for Londoners: "jobs, homes and clean air".

Ms Porritt, 33, is the leader of the Camden Lib Dems and the youngest of all of the candidatesvying to topple Sadiq Khan in the 2021 London Mayoral elections. But who is she and what do we know about her?

Who is London mayoral candidate Luisa Porritt?

Luisa Porritt, who was born and raised in London, is Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group on Camden Council and was previously Deputy Leader of the party’s MEPs.

She earned a degree in history from Royal Holloway, University of London in 2008 and went on to complete a Master's degree in Paris.

Ms Porritt is of Jewish, Spanish, Turkish, Egyptian and Austro-Hungarian descent.

She served as an MEP between 2019 and 2020 for the Lib Dems.

Ms Porritt, 33, said: “I love London – it’s where I grew up and it has given me so much. But huge challenges, such as the affordability crisis and the impact of Covid-19, mean this is a crucial moment for London.

“The pandemic will change our city forever. We need big ideas and urgent action to rise to the challenge."

“From putting homes in the heart of the city to reinventing our high streets for the future, we can renew every area in London to become thriving, green, and affordable places to live and work."

“As a lifelong Londoner, I know our capital is resilient. With the right leadership, creativity and vision, we can reinvent our city for the better. If we bring London together, anything is possible.”

Ed Davey, Lib Dem Leader, said: “I’m delighted Luisa Porritt has been selected as our candidate for Mayor of London. The capital faces a pivotal moment as it seeks to plan its recovery from COVID-19 and Luisa has the energy and ideas we need to reshape London for the better."

“Having beat the Tories in Camden and winning London-wide in the European elections last year, Luisa knows how to defy the odds and win. As a fellow Londoner, I can’t wait to get out there and support her to defy the odds again.”

Why is Luisa Porritt running for Mayor of London?

Her main priorities for London are: "Jobs. Homes. Clean Air."

Porritt says in her manifesto: "Londoners are uncertain about the future.

"They are worried about their jobs, how unaffordable it is to live here, and the city's impact on the environment.

"Let’s make every neighbourhood in our city a safe and thriving place to live and work."

Could Luisa Porritt be the next London mayor?

Ms Porritt, a former MEP, is at 33 the youngest of the main challengers to current mayor Sadiq Khan.

But she lies well adrift in the polls and faces a challenge to regain third place from the Greens.

The latest polling by Savanta ComRes puts Mr Khan in the lead with 41 per cent of the vote.

Conservative candidate Shaun Bailey is in second, but a fair way behind on 28 per cent.

Count Binface is currently neck-and-neck with Laurence Fox in last place. 

Crime is not one of her three priorities, and is eclipsed by her mantra of jobs, homes and clean air “because these are three basic needs of Londoners that are not currently being met”.

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