PRINCE Philip's funeral will be held at Windsor Castle's chapel on Saturday, 17 April.

Windsor Castle is part of the Royal residence, the Queen uses it as her private home and also to carry out formal duties.

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Who is the Constable and Governor of Windsor Castle?

Former Royal Navy Officer, James Perowne is the Constable and Governor of Windsor Castle.

Now known as Admiral Sir James Perowne.

This position used to be filled by members of the Royal Family but now can be carried out by a retired senior officer of the Armed Forces of the Crown.

It has been a position filled since 1086.

When did Admiral Sir James Perowne start in the position?

Admiral Sir James Perowne became Constable and Governor for Windsor Castle in 2014.

He took over from Air Marshall Sir Ian David Macfadyen.

What are the Constable and Governor of Windsor Castle's duties?

Perowne is in charge of Windsor Castle on behalf of the the Queen.

He is the representative of the Lord Chamberlain of the Household – most senior officer of the Royal Family.

He is also in charge of

  • Windsor Castle Guard – the Queen's guard who stay in front of all Royal residencies
  • Foot Guards – responsible for guarding the Royal Family when in public
  • Household Division – military ceremonies or functions with the Queen
  • Military Knights of Windsor – retired military officers receiving a pension and residency at Windsor Castle

Why do they not get paid?

Admiral Sir James Perowne doesn't have a salary in his position but he does have residency at Windsor Castle.

He doesn't get paid because he is retired and receives a pension.

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