CONFUSED Twitter users noticed that when Google searching "Who is the world's most powerful doctor?" some odd results come up.

At the moment, on the top of Google's list is bizarrely billionaire Bill Gates.

Who is the world's most powerful doctor?

Users took it to Twitter after realising that Bill Gates was listed as "the world's most powerful doctor" on Google.

A Twitter user said: "Google 'Who is the most powerful doctor in the world?' then come back and call me a ‘crazy conspiracy theorist.'"

Another one said: "Type this in any search engine. 'Who is the most powerful doctor in the world'. He's not even a Dr."

Someone added: "Why does google call bill gates the most powerful doctor in the world?? There’s many questions to be answered.

"he trynna depopulate us that’s why they pushing it so hard."

While someone tweeted: "Go ask siri 'who is the most powerful doctor in the world.'"

The most probable explanation the business mogul is ranked as the world's most powerful doctor," is the keywords used in the question.

The same words feature in the headline of a 2017 Politico article titled "Meet the world’s most powerful doctor: Bill Gates," which is probably the reason Google's results list the Microsoft mogul so high.

The article highlights that Gates was the World Health Organization’s second biggest donor, as he has contributed $2.4billion since 2000.

Is Bill Gates a doctor?

The Microsoft founder is not a doctor.

However, he and his wife MelindaGates have received honorary doctor of medicine degrees from Karolinska Institutet.

This is the reason he is often mistakenly believed to come from a medical background.

The couple were awarded honorary doctor of medicine degrees in 2007 for their contributions to global health through their Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Gates also has seven other honorary degrees for his contributions to computer science, medicine and world health.

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