TRACIE Wagaman, from Love After Lockup, has died just one week after giving birth to a baby girl.

The reality star’s former manager and friend, Lily Red, seemed to confirm the news on her Instagram, saying in a video that she had passed away on July 1. 

Who is Tracie Wagaman's boyfriend Lucas Loera?

At the time of her death, Tracie Wagaman was said to be dating Lucas Loera – who was allegedly the father of her baby.

Wagaman was married to Clint Brady. The two got married after her release from jail, but the two decided to separate.

Following their separation, Brady ended up in jail himself after being arrested in February 2021 for driving with a suspended license and driving under the influence, he filed for divorce while incarcerated.

After moving on from Brady, Wagaman dated Matt Baier before she met her baby daddy Lucas Loera, whom she allegedly accused of domestic abuse in early 2021.

She had been romantically connected to Lucas, who was ten years her junior, for some time.

According to reports from meaww, the pair had an on-again, off-again relationship, which was said to have been tumultuous.

Wagaman had accused Lucas of domestic abuse, according to Starcasm.

Lucas reportedly has a criminal record, which includes at least five domestic violence charges.

Why is Lucas Loera in prison?

Lucas, the father of Tracie Wagaman’s second child, is currently behind bars.

He was arrested and serving time after he got into an altercation with a casino security guard and pulled out a machete.

He was also charged with using or possessing a stun gun, meaww reported, along with drug paraphernalia usage or possession, and driving without a license.

How many children do Tracie Wagaman and Lucas Loera have?  

Tracie Wagaman and Lucas Loera have a daughter together, who is a little more than a week old.

She had reportedly been waiting to announce the news of the baby, until Lucas was out from behind bars.

But Tracie didn’t have the chance to do so, before reports of her death broke.

Lily Red, her friend and former manager, reported the sad news in a statement via Instagram.

“Unfortunately, Tracie passed away on July 1. I’m not going to release more details at this time. I just hope that we are praying for her family. I don’t know what else to say…Keep her family in your prayers.”

“She was a good person, and she was kind, and she loved her fans. And she loved having her fans love her. She loved it. And her family is, I’m sure, heartbroken. There’s nothing else to say except rest in peace Tracie, and you were loved. You were a good person and I’ll miss you a lot,” Red continued.

The official cause of death has not been revealed yet.

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