TRACY Ray Rollins was arrested on Wednesday, February 10 in connection to the murder of model Rebecca Landrith.

Rollins, 28, was arrested in Connecticut, about 250 miles away from where Landrith's body was found.

Who is Tracy Ray Rollins and why was he arrested?

Tracy Ray Rollins is a truck-driver from Dallas, Texas.

Rollins was arrested on Wednesday, February 10, in connection with the murder of Landrith and charged with criminal homicide and abuse of a corpse.

According to police, authorities were able to track down Rollins after finding a note in Landrith's pocket bearing the name of the man suspected of murdering her.

Cops found blood and shell casings in the 28-year-old's truck after he reportedly tried to clean his vehicle with bleach.

Mobile phone data and CCTV footage linked Rollins to the locations that appeared on receipts Rebecca had on her.

Where was Rebecca Landrith killed?

Model Rebecca Landrith was gunned down with 18 bullets, her corpse was allegedly abused by the killer and her body dumped on the side of a road in Pennsylvania.

Landrith, 47, was found dead with multiple gunshot wounds to her head, neck and chest.

The 47-year-old's body was discovered near an interchange ramp in Union County the morning of Sunday, February 7.

Police believe the former fashion model was killed a few hours before she was found.

Landrith was born in Alexandria, Virginia, and was the youngest of five siblings.

She went on to become a professional model and was a finalist for Miss Manhattan in 2014.

She appeared in numerous video commercials and multiple runway shows.

Rebecca was not married, according to PennLive.

What did Landrith's brother say about her murder?

Her brother, George, told PennLive she had been estranged from the family for around five years.

He said he knows little about her life since she separated from the family.

Their parents are divorced and their father lives in Utah, he said.

“Her family loved her dearly,” George said. “None of this brings her back. It is important she receives justice.”

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