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CHILD serial killers are an extremely rare breed but Amarjeet Sada is regarded to be the world's youngest.

Hearing of somebody who had killed three people by the age of eight-years-old is something you would only expect to find in a twisted horror film.

Who is Amarjeet Sada?

Amarjeet Sadad was born in the village of Mushahar in Bihar, India.

His parents struggled to make ends meet and Amarjeet was seven-years-old they had a baby girl, meaning a fourth mouth to feed.

Often doing the things you would expect from a child, climbing trees and roaming the local area, he was somewhat of a loner.

Not that his parents questioned it, he just seemed to enjoy his own company.


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What did Amarjeet Sada do?

His aunt came to visit, having recently found a job in the city, wanted to leave her child with them while she settled into her new job.

Amarjeet's mother need to go to the local market to buy food, only days after his aunt had left for her new career, and left both babies with him to look after.

He started to pinch and slap the baby, which then began to cry, which he seemed to find amusing.

For some reason, he then began raise the bar and put his hands around the baby's throat to stop its breathing.

Once again, the infant began to cry as it gasped for air.

Amarjeet began to laugh, enjoying his gruesome game, before finally killing the child through strangulation.

He buried the baby under grass and returned home.

His mother was shocked when he later confessed what he had done to her.

While his father physically punished him for the act, they did not involve the police and concocted as story of what happened for the aunt.

Amarjeet's next victim was his eight-month-old sister, who he strangled as his parents slept.

According to his uncle, some family members were aware of the crimes, but they were considered "family matters".

The incidents went unreported until Amarjeet killed a third baby in 2007.

His final alleged victim was a six-month-old baby girl named Kushboo.

The baby's mother, a neighbour, told police she had left her daughter sleeping at a primary school and the baby was missing when she returned, Gulf News reports.

A few hours later, Amarjeet reportedly admitted he had strangled the tot and hit her with a brick.

He then led villagers to the spot where he had buried her.

The young boy was taken away by police and admitted to the murder of his sister three months earlier, and his cousin a year earlier, according to reports.

Inspector Shatrudhan Kumar said the killings had been carried out in an identical manner.

Once in custody, police said Amarjeet smiled a lot, but did not speak.

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According to The Times of India, a psychologist at the time said the young boy was a "sadist who derives pleasure from inflicting injuries".

Where is Amarjeet Sada now?

Under Indian law, a child cannot be sent to prison.

Instead, they can be detained at a children's home until they turn 18, according to The Guardian.

The boy was reportedly placed in a home in the town of Munger.

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It is understood that he was released at the age of 16 although his current whereabouts are unknown.

Amarjeet Sada will be around 23-years-old now and is his living his life under a new identity.

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