Who were Corey Johnson's victims?

DRUG trafficker Corey Johnson was executed on January 14 for killing seven people in a burst of violence in 1992.

He apologized for his brutal crimes before his death at a federal prison facility in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Who were Johnson's victims?

Corey Johnson murdered seven people – Peyton Johnson, Louis Johnson, Bobby Long, Dorothy Armstrong, Anthony Carter, Linwood Chiles, and Curtis Thorne.

The slayings took place in the Richmond, Virginia area.

Former Assistant US Attorney Howard Vick Jr, one of the prosecutors in the case, said the violence committed by Johnson and his fellow gang members was unmatched at the time.

One of the gang’s victims was stabbed 85 times and another was shot 16 times.

"In early 1992, Johnson went on a killing spree, shooting and killing each of the seven victims for perceived slights or rivalry in the drug trade," the Justice Department wrote in 2020 when Johnson's execution was scheduled.

"Johnson shot one victim at close range after ordering him to place his head on a car steering wheel. 

"Johnson shot and killed another victim at the victim’s home when he failed to pay for crack cocaine – and Johnson also murdered the victim’s sister and a male acquaintance."

What were Johnson's final words?

Johnson said he was "sorry for my crimes" and said he wanted the victims to be remembered.

He complained he did not get the jelly donuts he wanted – but said the pizza and strawberry milkshake he had as his last meal before the execution were "wonderful."

He also thanked his minister and lawyer.

"I am okay," he said in the statement. "I am at peace."

He was the 12th inmate executed at the prison in Terre Haute since the Trump administration restarted federal executions following a 17-year hiatus.

How long did it take for Johnson to die?

Johnson lifted his wrist and waved to someone in the room for his family as the lethal drug was administered.

A low murmur emanated from the room in which someone seemed to be praying and offering words of reassurance.

For two minutes, Johnson continued to try to speak.

His eyelids drew down hard and his mouth fell agape.

He moved only slightly after that and it took a little more than 20 minutes for him to die.

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