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FROM March and July, birds sing a range of songs at early dawn.

It is one of the earliest signs of spring – here's why we hear birds chirping at dawn.

Why do birds sing in the morning?

Birds sing in the morning for three main reasons.

The singing is typically carried out by the male as the strongest and best-fed birds are able to sing the loudest songs.

One reason why birds sing early in the morning is to signal to others that they have made it through the night.

This serves as a sign of indication they are still defending their territory.

Male birds also use their song to show off to the female birds by demonstrating how healthy and capable they are.

It is also used as a warning to rival male birds that might want to move in.

The amount of singing fluctuates during the year but peaks during May and June, while birds are searching for a mate.

Mary Colwell, author and conservationist said: "Birds sing to communicate, much as we do. 'I’m here, where are you?' 'This is my patch, keep off!' 'I’ve got a very loud voice and I’m very fit, would you like to come over for dinner?'

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"It is very fortunate that the musicality of many birds’ songs mean a lot to us, too.

"As we listen we can feel a range of emotions. Some invoke joy, delight and wonder, but others can make us feel sad and forlorn."

Different birds have different voices and songs for us to listen to from the bullfinch to the robin.

Mary added: "The richly coloured, pink-breasted bullfinch has a sad, soft and simple whistle that makes me feel wistful, but the drab, brown wren, one of our smallest garden birds, has the loudest and boldest song, reminiscent of an opera singer in full flow.

"It bursts out of the hedgerow in a complex tumble of trills, whistles and flurries.

"My favourite is the rising bubbling, intertwining of love and longing that is the call of the curlew, which it sings as it soars on the wind above moors and meadows."

Why do birds chirp at night?

As one of the first birds to sing in the morning, the robin is also one of the last to stop singing at night.

The song is first and foremost a signal to others around them.

Reasons for singing can include if they have found food or alerting others to danger.

Birds also sing to try to attract a mate or mark their territory.

Nocturnal birds will sing at night rather than join in on the dawn chorus.

This includes owls, corncrakes, nightjars and nightingales.

All birds are governed by the rhythm of light and dark and their song is part of this habitual behaviour.

Which birds sing in the morning? 

Birds sing a range of songs at dawn, starting 30 minutes before sunrise.

The Dawn Chorus is made up of chirps, tweets, and twitterings.

The singing follows a specific sequence as blackbirds thrush and robins lead the singing throughout the morning.

After pre-dawn, they are joined by sparrows, wrens, and woodpigeons.

The best place to hear these chirps are green spaces like the countryside and nature reserves.

However, it can still be heard in your local area if trees and bushes are present.

The best time to listen is 30 minutes before sunrise and up to 30 minutes after dawn.

Early risers will be rewarded with the best songs.

What does it mean when birds chirp a lot?

There are various different reasons why birds chirp a lot.

It could be communication, warnings, indicating danger, or just singing.

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The syllable and the tone vary between the chirps to indicate the different types of communication.

The warning chirps allow birds to disband and fly away in no time.

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