A SAD day for Britain has dawned as it was announced Prince Philip has died at the age of 99.

The code name for the plan which will now take hold following the Duke of Edinburgh's death is Operation Forth Bridge.

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Why is Operation Forth Bridge the secret code?

When a member of the Royal Family dies, there is a plan to follow regarding their funeral and the place where they will be laid to rest. 

It also includes how the rest of their family will change their commitments in the days following the death.

Operation Forth Bridge name of the plan for what will now happen after Prince Philip’s death, which was announced by Buckingham Palace on Friday, April 9.

The code name Operation Forth Bridge refers to a suspension bridge linking Edinburgh to Fife, fitting with his title the Duke of Edinburgh.

It is a strict set of guidelines for procedures following Prince Philip's death, including funeral plans, where he will be laid to rest and a national mourning period to be observed in the UK.

The Duke of Edinburgh was involved with the details of Operation Forth Bridge.

He died at the age of 99 "peacefully" at Windsor Castle on the morning of Friday, April 9, Buckingham Palace announced.

When were secret codes for Royal Family members first used?

To begin with, code names were used by key officials in an effort to prevent switchboard operators at Buckingham Palace learning of a death prior to it being publicly announced.

Since the late 20th century, many code terms for funeral plans for members of the Royal family have used the names of prominent bridges in the UK.

For example, the plans in place for Prince Charles are known as "Operation Menai Bridge" – the name of a suspension bridge in Wales.

When King George VI died in 1952, key government officials were informed with the phrase "Hyde Park Corner".

What is the Queen's secret code?

There is also a plan for Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

It is named Operation London Bridge.

The Queen has been involved with the plans for her death.

When the Queen passes away, her private secretary will be responsible for informing those needing to know – firstly the Prime Minister – and the planned protocol will be put into action with the declaration "London Bridge is down."

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