A widow of pensioner is claiming his dead body was found stored in a cruise ship's beer fridge instead of a morgue, court documents have alleged.

The grim incident happened during a Celebrity Cruises trip around the Caribbean.

And it was only discovered when a funeral home came to collect the body when the shipped docked in Florida.

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The man's 78-year-old wife had expected that the specialists would find the body in the morgue, but they reportedly did not according to the lawsuit.

Once on-board, they allegedly found it on a pallet on the floor of a beer fridge with drinks still in it . . . and the body had reportedly turned green.

It was claimed that the morgue was actually out-of-order.

No details about how the man who died have been made public.

A lawyer for the family said: “Knowing their husband and father was callously and casually left in a beverage cooler, stripping him of his dignity in the sacred time just after his passing – the ideas and mental images will surely never leave the memory of the plaintiffs.

“Celebrity's actions and inactions with regard to the body were extremely indifferent to his passing, his dignity, and his family, friends, and community's loss, and showed an entire want of care for the safety of his remains.

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"Having had to store many dead bodies on their ships, and even being required to have a working morgue on board its ship, Celebrity certainly knew of the potential need for a working morgue on the ship, and the temperatures at which dead bodies need to be stored to stop the decomposition process from occurring.”

It has also been claimed that because of the state of the body and the fact that some of it was allegedly unrecoverable by the experts, an open-casket funeral was not allowed to be held by the family when the body was taken off the ship.

The Daily Star has reached out to Celebrity Cruises for a comment.

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