A DODGER diehard was primed to throw down against an entire section at Minute Maid Park after pummeling a Houston Astros fan. 

The bare-chested slugger was donning an unbuttoned Mookie Betts No. 50 jersey and videotaped on Wednesday drilling the rival’s head into the seats and struck another wingman with a barrage of right hand haymakers.  

He’s then shown flickering his fingers and mouthing, “Who’s next?”

And then he makes the hand gesture of two – appearing to claim he took two on at the same time and won.

A woman behind the Dodger fan appeared to try to back him up by throwing a few licks herself. 

All the while a little girl is seen sitting alone and sobbing.

Security guards appeared and it seemed as though the man who belted the Astros fan had his hands behind his back. 

It's unclear if any charges were brought against any of the brawlers.

The dazed man he punched out was being attended to on the ground by a woman. 

The homestand for the Astros marked the first time since the pandemic that the stadium was at full capacity, according to KHOU.

The Astros won the game 5 to 2.

The incident showcases the unsettled scores between the squads, with Dodger fans still raw over the 2017 World Series where Houston was cited for devising a sign-stealing scheme by banging on garbage cans to predict pitches. 

The Astros won the series in seven games. 

The club axed executives after Major League Baseball fined them $5million and stripped them of future draft picks, according to the New York Times. 

Various viral videos making the rounds online showing Dodger fans throwing blue shade. 

In one, a chorus of fans at the Astros game are heard chanting “Cheaters.”

One showed a fan using a trash can prop to emphasize the disregard for the team's cheating past.

Another has fans walking through Houston streets clapping and in unison hollering, “Let’s go Dodgers.”

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