With four days until Freedom Day, Gaby Roslin, Strictly’s Amy and Mis-Teeq’s Sabrina back our Mask Force campaign

CELEBERITIES are using our specialist recycling boxes to dispose of their single-use masks responsibly and urge YOU to do the same.

Amy Downden, Sabrina Washington and The Nolan sisters are among the famous faces who are giving their support to our campaign as July 19 approaches.

They join Jeremy Clarkson, Ben Fogle and Lucie Donlan who have already put their weight behind our initiative.

We have placed 488 specialist boxes in Morrisons across the country, which when full will head up to hull to give the plastic face coverings a new lease of life.

Recycling firm ReWorked then turn the single-use masks into benches and other building material.

Currently, three million masks are used a minute with many ending up littered or in landfill and often injury or kill our wildlife.

Amy Dowden said: "Please recycle your single-use masks. Last year alone 90 per cent of birds and fish were found with plastic in their stomachs.

"All you need to do is pop along to your local Morrison's and drop them in our Mask Force bins."

Give masks a new lease of life

At her local Chalk Farm Morrisons radio presenter Gaby Roslin made use of on of our bins – with masks she had found on the street.

She always uses reusable masks but urges people who can't to make sure they don't just dump them.

Singer Sabrina Washington is also urging readers to make the most of the boxes as Freedom Day get closer and masks will be increasingly ditched.

She said: "I'm supporting The Sun's Mask campaign. Did you know three million masks are used every minute.

"Please pop down to your local Morrisons and pop your mask in one of the specialist boxes where they will be given a new lease of life."

Each mask can take up to 250 years to degrade down, during which it releases dangerous microplastics which make their way into our food and rain.

Linda Nolan said: “I bet you don’t know that every week 100 million of these single use masks are just dropped on the floor.”

Each mask takes at least 250 years to breakdown if not recycled

Maureen added: “So don’t do that. Morrisons are supplying these bins for recycling. So please use them.”

Denise continued: “And remember, please try and be environmentally friendly because they’re being washed up on beaches, they’re in the streets and they’re causing tremendous damage to the environment.”

Anne finished: “Also the masks are recyclable and they’re put to really good use. They’re used for furniture and building materials. They’re not going to waste at all. Please use the box.”

Recycling firm ReWorked take just three hours to recycle the masks when the process is started.

Dr Ranj said: “Face masks are one of the simplest tools we have to keep each other safe from coronavirus, but as their use increases, we realise their potential to harm our planet.

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“Using one of The Sun's Mask Force boxes in your local Morrisons store helps you to take care of our environment while keeping safe and gives the single use masks a new lease of life.”

Adventurer Bear Grylls said: "Single-use masks are one of the biggest litter problems we have right now, with 100 million masks being thrown away each week. The ones that end up on the floor or in our ocean can damage our amazing wildlife and planet which is incredibly sad.

“The Sun's Mask Force campaign with Morrison's and Reworked is a great way to make sure we turn the things that protect those around us into something useful at the end of their life."


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