Shocking moment woman who practices Jiu Jitsu chases 24-year-old suspect and beats him up after he robbed her laptop and cellphone in Mexico

  • A mugger identified by the Guadalajara, Mexico, police as 24-year-old Luis was brutally beaten by his victim, who practices Jiu Jitsu
  • Security camera footage showed the woman chasing Luis, who was trying to hop on the back of his accomplice’s motorcycle and slamming him to the ground
  • The woman punched and kicked Luis multiple times before recovering her items and later handed him another beating before cops arrived and arrested him

This mugger will think twice the next time he considers robbing a mixed martial arts expert in broad daylight.

Shocking surveillance video captured the 24-year-old man’s beating when he was chased by a Jiu Jitsu expert and brutally beaten after he stole a laptop and cellphone at her business in Guadalajara, Mexico.

The suspect, identified as Luis, walked into her shop in the neighborhood of Santa Tere on September 8 and threatened her with a knife before he took off running, according to a police report obtained by the Mexican newspaper Informador.

A woman who was robbed of her laptop and other personal belongings at her shop in Guadalajara, Mexico, chases after the suspect, identified by the police as Luis, 24, on September 8. The victim, who also practices Jiu Jitsu, was able to restrain the mugger and beat him down before authorities arrived and arrested him. 

A Guadalajara police officer helps Luis off a sidewalk in the neighborhood of Santa Tere after he was brutally beaten by a woman he had mugged September 8

Footage showed the brave victim, whose name was not released, chasing after Luis who was running toward his accomplice’s motorcycle.

The woman was able to grab Luis by his t-shirt collar just as he was about to hop on the rear seat of his accomplice’s motorcycle and dragged him to the ground.

The accomplice sped off and abandoned Luis, who was at the receiving end of a hail of punches and kicks while a Good Samaritan pinned him to the street pavement.

The security camera showed the woman picking up her belongings off the ground.

The Mexico-based crime blog twitter account known as INSEGURIDAD_GDL was quick in locating the suspect’s photo on social media. The mugger, identified by the police as 24-year old Luis, was appeared before the Guadalajara district attorney’s office and was charged with robbing a business

The woman, who practices Jiu Jitsu, delivers a quick to the midsection of Luis after he had robbed her laptop and other personal belongings in Guadalajara, Mexico, on September 9

Still image from a security camera video obtained by Mexican television network Telediario shows Luis escaping with the victim’s laptops and other belongings 

The victim walked away with several scratches, including one on her cheek, after she attacked a mugger who stole her laptop and cellphone at knifepoint 

Luis slowly got back up and tried to get away when a male resident tackled him from behind. He restrained Luis as the woman walked back over, punching him several times in the face and kicking him in the abdomen.

A separate video recorded by a bystander showed a bloodied Luis sitting on a sidewalk and struggling to get back on his feet before the police took him away.

He appeared before the local district attorney and was charged with robbing a business.

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