A WOMAN has revealed a sweet note from binman to remind her which bin she should take out next week.

The homeowner spotted the words traced into the frost on top of her bin – with the message "next week" written by a smiley face.

The woman wrote on Facebook: "Big thank you to the bin men who made me smile this morning with this note on my bin!

"And also for collecting the correct one off our driveway! Very much appreciated! I will remember for next week.

"I am that neighbour that relies on the rest of the street to put theirs out first and still got the wrong one."

The post has met with great response, with many saying how much they appreciate binman.

One person commented: "This just put a huge smile on my face, well done binmen, thank you for being so kind."

"I know it’s old fashioned but I think we should all leave a treat for our binmen like the old days. They are always good to us." Another one added.

A third one wrote: "I put both out every week, one's got to be right!!!"

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