A woman was puzzled to find someone had nicked the front gates of her home while her family was sitting on the couch.

Cornwall mum Rachael Sell said she was baffled why anyone would take the custom-sized wooden gates fitted to her driveway in Truro.

Rachael had gone out with a friend on Saturday night, with husband Dave and their kids chilling at home.

But she must've thought she had a few too many drinks when the front of her house looked decidedly different.

At first, Rachael and her mate didn't even recognise the building she and her family called home.

Mrs Sell said: "It's very very strange and not to mention annoying.

"I thought, at first, someone might have just taken them off and dumped them.

"My husband drove around the local area to see if they were around but nothing."

Around a month ago someone had tried to snatch the gate, which Rachael then tied with a rope, according to ITV News.

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She didn't think of it, nor the fact someone later replaced the rope she used with a cheaper, thin string.

Mrs Sell must've thought it was some kind of strange practical joke – but the theft took it to another level.

The pretty, custom-made gates were fitted around five years ago at a cost of £500.

A Facebook post by Mrs Sell got local attention, but Rachael said she doesn't expect the police will get involved.

She added: “It’s still just very, very annoying. Whoever took it I would assume has probably seen my Facebook post by now.

“It’s probably being used as firewood. It’s so frustrating.”

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