Woman’s nightmare as P&O Ferries leave her stranded without her false teeth

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A woman's worst nightmare came true after she was stranded in a foreign country without her false teeth.

A UK customer of P&O Ferries was left in horror after she was left abandoned in Rotterdam without her false after the firm sacked all of its crew.

Last night (18 March), P&O Ferries were in crisis after 800 crew members were cruelly sacked over Zoom.

It comes as the organisation tragically made multiple redundancies via video-call and replaced them with cheaper agency workers, reports Daily Mirror.

The devastating news left many travellers stranded abroad, including Heidi, the woman who was left without her false teeth after her return ferry didn't turn up.

One TikTok user shared a video from Rotterdam, where her friend Heidi had been left without her false teeth after travelling from Hull.

In a video, she said: "P&O haven't turned up and Heidi has left her teeth on the boat."

She added in a caption: "This trip couldn't get any worse, she's left her teeth on the boat."

People couldn't help but add humour to the situation in the comment section.

One viewer wrote: "Well, at least you can't say that P&O are toothless."

A second added: "Good on you for turning a bad thing into a funny thing, I hope [she] gets her gnashers back."

Happily, Heidi was reunited with her teeth a day later – with a TikTok video capturing her happiness at being reunited with her fake teeth.

She can be heard yelling: "Oh my god, my teeth. Flippin'eck, the panic about that was unbelievable."

It comes as a captain of a giant P&O ferry travelling between Rotterdam and Hull was hailed a hero after refusing to allow police or new crewmen to board his vessel.

The captain of the Pride of Hull, understood to be Eugene Favier, sealed himself and his crew inside the ferry in the Port of Hull just hours after P&O announced mass redundancies.

In recent days, a video emerged showing the moment the P&O company chief announced the termination of the staff's contracts.

He said: "Therefore I am sorry to inform you that this means your employment is terminated with immediate effect on the grounds of redundancy.

"Your final day of employment is today."

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