Women's rights campaigner on Australia and New Zealand controversies

The women’s rights campaigner now Australia’s ‘Public Enemy No1’: Posie Parker speaks from the eye of the storm of trans culture war Down Under

  • EXCLUSIVE: Wiltshire mother sparked chaos in Australia and New Zealand 
  • Kellie-Jay Keen said she had been shocked by the reaction during overseas tour 

Flanked by seven security guards, the small brightly-dressed woman clad in sunglasses could be any politician or pop star escorted past screaming crowds.

But Kellie-Jay Keen is actually a mother-of-four from Wiltshire – and those yelling hordes are definitely not all her fans.

The women’s rights campaigner has found herself as the unlikely eye of the storm in Australia and New Zealand’s biggest culture war.

It has seen her called ‘a c***’ by one an MP of the Austrialian Greens, while neo-Nazis invaded her rallies in a bid to stir up trouble.

Scenes from her Let Women Speak tour have been splashed over TV channels and newspapers in the country as trans activists object to her gender critical views.

And, speaking to MailOnline from her hotel on the eve of her rally in Auckland today, she admitted she had not expected the extraordinary reaction.

Kellie-Jay Keen l- AKA Posie Parker – on her ‘Standing for Women’ international tour in Sydney

Transgender rights supporters are held back by police during a rally invaded by Neo-Nazis

Ms Keen with her security at the Tasmanian Parliament House lawns in Hobart on Tuesday

She said: ‘I do feel like public enemy No 1 out here, genuinely I feel afraid. I am a hate figure.

‘I didn’t realise who much women are hated by some parts of society before I came here. 

‘I feel like there are some great powers somewhere who don’t want women talking. 

‘I can take being called a transphobe, but calling someone a Nazi? One of the politicians here called me a c***. They used rhyming slang of ‘dropkick and punt’.

‘The war on women in these countries is absolutely frightening. 

‘I have got to have a team of seven security guards out here with me. I genuinely do feel my life could be in danger sometimes.’

Kellie-Jay Keen (pictured right) at the ‘Let Women Speak’ event outside the Victorian parliament

Senator Lidia Thorpe (pictured) attempted to storm the podium during Ms Keen’s speech for the Let Women Speak rally outside parliament house on Thursday

When she stepped onto the plane to Australia on March 5, Ms Keen – who also goes by campaign name Posie Parker – could have barely imagined the huge controversy her visit would cause.

Last Saturday’s rally in front of Victoria’s State Parliament saw pro-trans protesters turn up to try and counter her views.

But neither side could have expected the arrival of black-clad masked neo-Nazis who then made sickening Hitler salutes.

The appalling scenes saw Ms Keen’s opposition protesters exploit the idea she had invited them.

But she says nothing could be further from the truth, adding: ‘They are still calling me a Nazi because these men turned up at my event at Melbourne.

‘They were nothing to do with me, they were not invited. 

‘The whole time I feel like being treated like an actual Nazi. I don’t think the Nazis were particularly well-known for women’s rights.

‘Since I  flew out here I have been on every news channel and paper.

‘The politicians seem to have it all sewn up here. It is all about power. I’ve been told there are lots of them who don’t even believe any of the stuff they are saying – they just say it for power.

‘They are literally sterilising children in this country as well as putting women’s lives at risk. My conscience wouldn’t let me not come.

Feminist blogger Kellie-Jay Keen- Minshull (pictured) raised £700 for the poster to be put up in Liverpool for a fortnight in 2018

Hours after Dr Harrop’s complaint, Primesight confirmed the billboards would be taken down that evening

‘I am an atheist but who are these people that think they can overwrite biology? 

Ms Keen founded the SFW group which campaigns for sex based rights and protections of the word woman.

Earlier this year one of the movement’s supporters was ‘manhandled’ by a gang of masked trans activists.

She was assaulted during a counter-protest by the Manchester Trans Rise Up (MTRU) movement next to the city’s statue of Emmeline Pankhurst in St Peter’s Square in May.

The trans activists arrived to disrupt SFW’s speaking event in front of the statue as part of an event which said it aimed to reclaim ‘a part of Manchester for women’s voices’.

And in 2018 a billboard with the definition of a woman written on it funded by Ms Keen was removed after a Twitter activist complained it was ‘transphobic.’

She raised £700 for the poster to be put up in Liverpool for a fortnight to coincide with the Labour Party conference.

The poster, on the side of the old Gaumont cinema on Gredington Street in Toxteth, Liverpool, bore the Google definition of a woman – ‘adult human female.’

But it was removed after Dr Adrian Harrop, 31, who is not transgender, complained to billboard company Primesight that it would serve to make transgender women feel unsafe.

Ms Keen says her arrival in New Zealand yesterday was also marred with disruption.

She said: ‘The border force official pulled me in the moment I arrived here.

‘They took me into the room and went through all my cases – it took about two hours.

‘I was asked what I did, if I was married, what my husband did, did I have any commercial things to see.

‘The official claimed she didn’t know who I was, but I was thinking “Is this really just routine?”.

‘I have had really high numbers on my videos since I have been here. What I wanted to do coming here was to try and break the silence.

‘I am not going to convince someone who is all in that they are wrong, but I might someone who is not sure to think again.’

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