World War 3 would be ‘extremely lethal and fast’ US Army chiefs reveal

AMERICAN military bosses have confessed that World War 3 is “almost guaranteed” and will be “extremely lethal and fast.”

Speaking at a ‘future-of-the-Army’ panel at the Association of the U.S. Army in Washington, generals and other leading figures laid out their depressing forecasts for upcoming conflicts.

Smart weapons and artificial intelligence will dominate these ultra-violent wars between super-aggressive nation states.

According to a report by Defense One, Major General William Hix said: “A conventional conflict in the near future will be extremely lethal and fast, and we will not own the stopwatch.

“The speed of events are likely to strain our human abilities.



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“The speed at which machines can make decisions in the far future is likely to challenge our ability to cope, demanding a new relationship between man and machine.”

Hix warned that the US is preparing for “violence on the scale that the U.S. Army has not seen since Korea” when over 30,000 American troops were slaughtered.

The General said that China and Russia are both developing huge militaries which are driven by new technologies.

Lt. General Joseph Anderson said America faces frightening threats “modern nation-states acting aggressively in militarised competition.”

He said: “Who does that sound like? Russia?”

Army Chief of Staff General Mark A. Milley added that war between nation states “is almost guaranteed”.

Miley warned that America’s enemies could end their superiority in the air which it has enjoyed since the Korean War in 1950 and stop its Naval forces through a mixture of anti-access and area-denial capabilities.

He said: “Land forces will have to enable sea forces.

“(The Army) is definitely going to have to dominate the air above our battle space.”

The strikingly honest military chief said America must prepare for advanced cyber warfare and fight guerrilla-style in complex urban settings.

Miley also cited a strengthened Russia, an increasingly dominate China, expanding smaller nation states and climate change as factors which could lead to instability.

He said: “While we're ready now, we are being challenged.

“Our Army and our nation must be ready.”

Russia has recently conducted massive nuclear war exercises involving 40million people, built top secret bunkers for top brass and is said to have recalled diplomats families 'to the motherland' to prepare for World War III.

Speaking about future weapons, Katharina McFarland, acting assistant Army secretary for acquisition, logistics, and technology, revealed plans to make tanks and other military machines user-friendly.

Addressing the soldiers and other military personnel in the room, she  said: “You travel all over the world, don't you?

“You can pretty much get in a car anywhere and drive it.

“As an engineer, I think in terms of a simple interface — no matter what helicopter, you can get in and operate it.”

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