YORKSHIRE is the UK’S UFO capital, with more reports than anywhere else.

Some 200-plus have been “spotted” there in two decades, including a glut this year.

Scores more were reported in the summer, including three in four days.

UFO-watchers claim they may be drawn to the region’s open spaces and mountainous terrain.

Sightings in June included a “black triangle” hurtling above Leeds, with “no noise or lights visible”.

City residents also noted two thin, black curved crafts flying at speed before stopping and heading off to north-west.

In Bingley, a dark circular object followed by four smaller shapes span as they moved from south to north.

A silver sausage-shaped object around 600ft long reportedly turned black then disappeared over Barnsley. Yorkshire is also home to loads of abandoned military bases, bunkers and RAF flight tracks.

Ash Ellis, of UFO Identified, said: “They may be particularly interested in our weapons and technology.

The cliffs around Bempton and Flamborough Head have long been known as a UFO hotspot.”

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