A NEW stimulus relief bill has been proposed by a group of 50 centrist Democrats and Republicans and includes a new round of $1,200 stimulus checks.

Led by Representatives Democrat Josh Gottheimer from New Jersey and Republican Tom Reed from New York, the Problem Solvers Caucus proposed a $1.52 trillion stimulus package on Tuesday.

While the proposed package is nearly a trillion less than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's proposal, it is more than the $500 billion offered in the GOP bill last week.

Newsweek reported that the bill includes a second round of stimulus checks with an additional $500 per child for qualifying Americans.

The bill includes the potential for a third stimulus check if the economy is still halted due to coronavirus in January.

According to the caucus, the stimulus relief would serve until the January presidential inauguration.

In recent weeks, there has been pushback between Pelosi and the White House is talks about unemployment relief.

Pelosi has pushed for $600 of weekly relief while the White House has recommended $300.

In the "March to Common Ground" proposal, unemployment benefits would start at $450 per week for the first eight weeks, increase to $600 a week after and is capped at 100 percent of each individual's salary.

The proposal includes $100 billion for health care programs, such as coronavirus testing and $25 billion for rental and mortgage assistance.

Schools, small businesses, food assistance and the United States Postal Service would also receive more money including $500 billion to avoid layoffs of local and state workers, Newsweek reported.

The new bill proposal comes a week after the $500 billion Republican bill failed to gain enough Democratic support to advance to the Senate.

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