Your iPhone can now be BROKEN INTO without a password, researchers claim

The new iPhone update has raised some serious security fears.

A video has emerged on LiveLeak which alleges its possible to access iPhones without inputting the password.

The video shows that accessing Siri while the screen is locked lets you send texts, emails and even access Facebook.

In the video, the man talking to the camera shows how he can send a text by simply speaking into the microphone and telling Siri to "text Dave".

He then goes on to show how you can even access directions and a number of other apps just through talking to Siri.

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While it is still extremely difficult to access an iPhone without the required password (as seen in the San Bernardino case), the video does raise some concerns over how easy it is to access personal information via the locked screen.

However you can breathe a sigh of relief, as the easy way to fix this is to do the following:

1. Launch Settings.
2. Tap on Siri.

3. Switch Access on Lock Screen to off.

This will stop you from being able to access Siri while on the lockscreen.

However, even with being able to access Siri on your locked screen, people won't be able to hack their way into your iPhone without some serious insider knowledge.

During the San Bernardino case the FBI approached Apple, asking them for help to access the phone of Syed Farook, the man who slaughtered 14 people at a work Christmas party last year.

Apple refused to help, stating that hacking Farook's phone would be an invasion of privacy.

This prompted the FBI to turn to Cellebrite, an Israeli tech firm who aided the feds in hacking the phone.

Cellebrite were able to break into the killer's phone by taking it through a system extraction, which allows people to withdraw simple passcodes and the device's keychain.

Meaning the tech firm were able to break into Farook's emails with relative ease.

However, this security loophole was quickly shut down by Apple in a later iOS update, meaning that breaking into an iPhone without the user's password is now relatively impossible.

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