Moment kitten claws its owner after pouncing through a cardboard box

Cat attack! Painfully funny moment playful kitten claws its owner after pouncing through a cardboard box straight into her FACE

  • White and tabby cat batted at the empty Pepsi box as its owner sat on the carpet
  • The woman then held the cardboard up to her head – and the playful cat pounced
  • Flew through the box and straight into her face, causing her to crash backwards

This is the hilarious moment a playful kitten clawed its owner in the face after pouncing through an empty Pepsi box.

The video captured the white and tabby cat as it batted at the side of the cardboard during a game with its owner.

A woman, sat crossed-legged on a sitting room carpet, then pulled the box away from its tiny claws, holding it briefly out of the cat’s reach.

A white and tabby kitten bats with an empty Pepsi box as it plays with its owner on the floor

But the kitten ran over to the box as soon as it was lowered again, poking its tiny head through the closest opening.

The cat owner then glanced at the camera, shuffling backwards with the box firmly in two hands.

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But when she went to look down at her kitten through the cardboard tunnel, the tiny predator attacked.

The cat backed its head out of the cardboard slightly, focusing on the smiling face of its owner before pouncing through it.

But the game gets out of hand when its owner holds the box up to her face – and the feline attacks

The feline exited the makeshift tunnel with its front paws outstretched before crashing straight into the woman’s face.

Its owner fell backwards on impact, dropping the box to the side as her legs flew into the air behind her.

The vicious kitten then disappeared out of view as the video ended.

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