13 of the best mid-length hairstyles trending right now

Written by Chloe Burcham

Ready for a summer hair refresh? Here are 13 gorgeous mid-length hair ideas to screenshot and show to your hairstylist. 

There’s something about summer that makes us want to instantly update our look. From experimenting with nail art ideas to trying out a new hairstyle like mermaid waves, once that sun is out – we’re all for that summer beauty shake-up.

But, when it comes to your hair – there’s nothing worse than going in for a big chop, only to regret it the moment you walk out of the salon. While bob haircuts are very much in right now, if you’ve got long hair, you might want to test the waters and try out a mid-length haircut first.

In fact, mid-length hairstyles are great because not only do they give you that summery update you’ve been after, but you’ve still got enough hair to play with and style should it not quite ‘sit right’ after you’ve left the salon. 

To help you decide which mid-length hairstyle is right for you, we’ve rounded up 13 of our favourite looks on Instagram right now. Get ready to scroll and screenshot…

Best mid-length hairstyles for every hair type and texture

  • 1. Summer shag haircut

    A great option for fine hair, this summer shag cut adds lots of layers, texture and volume.

  • 2. Shoulder-length curls

    This gorge mid-length cut is perfect for curly hair types. Ask your hairdresser to cut layers in that’ll allow your hair to spring up and add shape and volume. 

  • 3. Ultra-volume side sweep

    For thicker hair types, this voluminous cut showcases your great strands. Plus, the side-sweeping fringe gives it a modern Hollywood edge.   

  • 4. Fake fullness with beachy waves

    If your hair is fine, add thickness with blunt ends and beachy waves. A slightly off-centre parting also allows your hair to look a little fuller. 

  • 5. Wispy side pieces

    Into that French chic look? This wispy mid-length haircut is perfect. Ask your hair stylist to leave feathery face-framing pieces around your face for a romantic feel.

  • 6. Ultra sleek lob

    If you want a haircut that’ll make you feel strong and confident, this sleek midi lob is for you. It’s a power-suit in a hairstyle.

  • 7. One-length midi

    If your hair is naturally wavy, a one-length lob is great. It’s simple to style, you can easily switch-it up and it looks chic air-dried. Perfect.

  • 8. Hair halo

    For afro hair, we’re obsessed with this face-framing halo cut. Shoulder-skimming and sexy, it’s the perfect summer update. 

  • 9. Mid-length blowout

    Scared of going shoulder-length? Ask for your hairdresser to leave a couple more inches and give yourself a good bouncy blow-dry to fake fullness and a mid-length style.

  • 10. The modern ‘Rachel’

    Meet the modern Jen An haircut. Sleek, choppy and lots of layers – this mid-length cut is perfect for 90s fans. 

  • 11. 80s blowout

    We’re obsessed with this 80s style haircut. The curtain fringe and flicky ends – it’s powerful and ultra-cool. 

  • 12. Side-part lob

    Update your lob hairstyle by giving yourself a deep side parting. It fakes fullness and gives your hair a modern refresh – without chopping off extra inches. 

  • 13. Chunky fresh ends

    Sometimes, there’s nothing better than an ultra-chunky, choppy cut. Ask your hairdresser for a straight-across chop – you’ll fake fullness, definition and have that ‘just left the hairdressers’ feel for weeks on end. 

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