18 Sunscreens Your Body Absolutely Needs This Summer

If you do nothing else for your skin, at the very least, you should get into the habit of wearing sunscreen daily. Of course, sunscreen isn’t just necessary during those special trips to the beach where you find yourself sunbathing for hours on end, but it’s especially necessary true during the spring and summer months, when sleeveless tops and bikinis will leave your shoulders and body exposed to the sun’s harmful rays no matter how much time you spend outdoors. Instead of waiting for the dreaded burn to happen — and reaching for the aloe as soon as it does — step up and take care of your skin in advance with a sunscreen that’ll take care of your entire body.

Whether you’re a fan of traditional lotions or you’re into more lightweight and easily-spreadable formulas like sprays, there are a ton of options out there that’ll provide your skin with the protection it needs all spring and summer long. Treat yourself to a new product and read ahead to check out some of our favorite body sunscreens.

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