4 Bridal Makeup Looks That Are Perfect For Your Big Day

If you're going to be walking down the aisle any time soon, chances are the last thing you're thinking about is your makeup.

With everyone still having to keep COVID precautions top of mind until whenever Dr. Fauci says otherwise (especially for gatherings) you're likely more focused on social distancing, distributing masks, and having someone administer temperature checks for your small number of guests as they arrive. Or you're trying to figure out a way to make live-streaming the entire event seamless for your friends and family.

But your wedding is still huge deal, and as the bride, you deserve to have all the bells and whistles — including gorgeous glam.

That's why we rounded up four makeup artist and expert-approved looks to give you inspiration for your special day.

"With wedding makeup I've found that traditional, recurring beauty staples are the most optimal way to achieve the best glam on your big day," Sir John, L'Oréal Paris US makeup artist and creative director shares, with InStyle.

The best part is, they're each easy enough to do on your own. Ahead, all the best wedding makeup looks for your big day — plus, hacks for easy application, and what to do if you have acne-prone or sensitive skin.

What Are the Best Wedding Makeup Looks for Brides?

Bold Eyes

As much as we hate to say it, the truth is that masks are still going to be a part of the equation for the foreseeable future. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy playing around with makeup — you just have to find the right focal point.

"Bold eyes are big this wedding season," says Amy Chou Granger, co-founder of makeup brand M2U NYC. "Although we see a lot of people practicing social distancing, masks are still super important, which means your eyes will draw most attention."

Whether you want to go with classic black, or you want to add in some color, Chanel makeup artist, Kate Lee recommends using Chanel's Stylo Yeux Waterproof Eyeliners. "You can literally draw on the eyelids with this product," she says. "Lines in the socket and stylized shapes with a bright color are always fun. If you prefer something more demure, there are beautiful darker more classical shades such as Romance, a rich burgundy."

Sir John adds that the elongated eye is also a timeless look.

"Extend your eyeliner to go a bit longer and higher than typical," he suggests. "The way you can best achieve this look isn't in the application but in the clean up." He's a fan of L'Oréal's Le Liner Signature Mechanical Eyeliner as well as Lash Paradise Mascara.

Glowing Skin

"Glowing skin is always very popular for the wedding season," Chou Granger shares. "It's a soft, ethereal look that's easily achievable using a mix of luminizers and highlighters that looks beautiful on every skin tone." She recommends using her brand's Luminizer and Cream Blush to create a glowing finish.

To avoid too much shine, Sir John suggests using a few different foundations. "Apply mattifying products and formulas to the hot spots — such as the sides of the nose, underneath your eyes, the chin, between eyes, and forehead — and radiant products to parts of the face that naturally are less shiny or dewy," he explains. "You can bring these more radiant products down to your decolletage too."

He likes to reach for L'Oréal's Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Facial Drops to customize your tan, followed by the brand's Infalliable Pro Primer to start makeup application. Then he will use the Up to 24H Fresh Wear Foundation in a Powder to finish.

"You can also layer a mattifying powder on top of a liquid foundation for extra coverage and for a long lasting effect," he adds.

No Makeup Makeup

"We are seeing makeup trends in general back away from harsh contour lines and move closer to naturally looking rosy cheeks and subtle highlighter," says Chou Granger. For the eyes, the beauty founder recommends M2U NYC's Eye Crayon in Champagne, Copper Storm, or Passionate Pink for an elevated natural finish.

As far as lips go, Lee is a huge fan of Chanel's Limited Edition Rouge Allure Lip Colour in Or Beige. "It's an incredible nude tone with a sublime gold sparkle," she explains. "Small reflective gold sparkles are great because they light up when you speak. We can rethink our approach to classic nudes by adding a touch of sparkle."

For the rest of your face, try to keep things as neutral as possible. "Bronzed skin with a glow will give natural warmth to the face," says Sir John. "Apply highlighter where you'd naturally have the sun hit your face and don't go overboard — just a little bit of warmth."

Statement Lips

While the rest of your guests will be in masks, as you're standing up on that alter, your lips will be on full display — so why not make a statement?

Lee recommends going for one of the 20 shades from Chanel's new Rouge Coco Bloom collection, which also double as a hydrating balm, so your lips won't get dried out. Her favorites from the bunch are Vivacity and Radiant. She's also a fan of Invincible and Steady from the luxury brand's Rouge Allure Laque liquid lipstick line. "It has incredible staying power but doesn't dry down completely matte like a lot of liquid formulations," she says.

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Any Hacks for Doing My Own Bridal Makeup?

Both Chou Granger and Lee agree that it's smart to have a few practice runs before your big day, and to always do your makeup in good light.

"Pull some references of looks you like, and then try to find the colors that you would need to make it your own," Lee shares. "Ask a friend you trust for some honest advice and thoughts on your desired look. And remember, when you're using something shimmery on the eye, do that first, clean off anything that drops and then do your foundation last. Finally, remember to take what you need with you to maintain and potentially fix your makeup. Weddings can be very emotional affairs, so you'll need eye drops and Q-tips for sure."

Sir John echos Lee's last point, adding that perfecting your eyeliner comes down to the way you clean it up. "Once you've applied the liner you can make your look more accentuated and snatched by carving away at the pigment."

What Should Brides with Acne or Sensitive Skin Keep in Mind?

If you're someone who's prone to acne or has reactive skin, Sir John says he usually recommends that his clients stay away from dairy a week prior. However, it's always a good idea to check in with a dermatologist if you're having any skin issues.

Chou Granger adds that you should test out any and all products you plan to use at least a month prior to your big day. "You want to ensure products won't give you a bad reaction and that they work with your own skin type," she says. "Test out different formulas to find out which works better for your skin texture and type."

Once it's time to remove your makeup after the wedding, make sure to be as gentle as possible.

"The area around the eye is very delicate and glittery products have the potential to irritate, so invest in a great eye makeup remover and a great balm cleanser," advises Lee. "I like to remove eye makeup first, use a balm cleanser to break down the makeup, then use a foaming face cleanser to wash it away. If you are prone to blocked pores, it is very important to take these steps."

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