Written by Morgan Fargo

Screenshot thumb at the ready? Meet the winter beauty trends you’ll see everywhere these next few months. 

Roll up, roll up: Pinterest, the visual inspiration platform, has pinned a new notice to the board: namely, winter beauty trends they’ve seen gaining serious traction. An amalgamation of nail art, old-school glamour and cold-season radiance, these trends stretch from beauty to make-up, skincare and more.

Now, it goes without saying, trends are there for inspiration, to take the bits we enjoy and leave the ones we don’t. Like anything, you’ve got the deciding vote on what’s cool and what’s not in your world. So pick over the predictions below and take the ones that feel good. For me, that’s big hair full of body (more on that later) and nails that look like a swirling galaxy of stars. Go find yours! 

  • Galactic nail designs

    Stretching the gamut of, well, the entire universe, galactic and celestial nail designs are poised to break the mainstream, featuring sun and moon, star, dreamscape and space-themed nail art. 

  • Monroecore

    Blame it on the zeitgeist, that dress at The Met or the much-discussed film, Blonde, but Marilyn Monroe-inspired glamour is undeniably on the rise, with searches for ‘old school glam’ up 70% on last year on Pinterest. From bombshell make-up to the classic, voluminous blow-dry, there’s so much of the aesthetic to pick from. 

  • “It’s official” nails

    No longer solely the remit of jewellery or micro tattoos, painting your significant other’s initials on your nails is now a thing. Pick a font, pick a person and make it “official”. 

  • Winter glow

    Radiant skin isn’t anything new – we’ve seen jello skin, glass skin and dolphin skin come through this year alone, but it is something persisting through these chilly months with ‘glowy skin’ searches up 40% year on year on Pinterest.

    “To get the ‘Winter Glow’, switch to an illuminating primer instead of a matte primer, to create a dewy glow with minimal coverage,” advises make-up artist and Pinterest beauty creator, Joy Adenuga. “I like to use my own powder brush when applying to my face or on my clients for a lighter, more natural effect.”

    For easy radiance, the Vieve Skin Nova Instant Radiance Primer, £27, sits beautifully under make-up or worn alone, while Mac Strobe Cream, £28, comes in a range of undertones (Goldlite, Silverlite or Pinklite), to suit warm, neutral or cool skin tones and can be worn as a moisturiser or primer.

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