A Guide to Chris Hemsworth’s 5 Meaningful Tattoos

  • Chris Hemsworth has five known tattoos so far.
  • His ink is mostly placed in various areas of his arms, from his biceps to his forearms.
  • Many of Hemsworth’s tattoos are dedications to his family.

Chris Hemsworth is best known for his work in multiple blockbuster hits, from “Thor” to “Snow White and the Huntsman” and more. What casual fans may not know, though, is that between the bulging muscles and layers of Hollywood-quality concealer, Hemsworth bears multiple tattoos.

Sometimes, Hemsworth’s onscreen job, high-quality suits, and full-coverage wetsuits cover up his tattoos. Other times, he has additional or substitute tattoos painted on for roles, including Thor’s tattoos in “Thor: Love and Thunder.” Yet eagle-eyed fans may know he has five known tattoos — or clusters of ink — including a recent addition. Hemsworth tends toward crisp, simple designs in stark black lines, some of which seem to have faded over the years. Most of his tattoos are on his arms, particularly his forearms, but he does have one on his rib cage as well.

These days, the Australian actor, campaign spokesman, exercise-and-fitness-app creator, and Member of the Order of Australia makes time to showcase his love for his wife and three children through both his social media posts and his body ink. While Hemsworth hasn’t always shared the direct meanings behind all of his tattoos, we’ve rounded up all five and provided the reasons for his choices where we can.

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