When it comes to Ashley Graham’s thoughts on body hair, her philosophy is pretty simple: do whatever you want. But for those who decide to opt for hair removal, the model has some options ready for you. Graham teamed up with body-care brand Flamingo to create a limited-edition collection including a razor set, body wax kit, shower set, and self-care set. “Shave what you want, wax what you want, leave what you want — do what works for you. We designed this collection to upgrade your summer self care routine (whatever that may look like) with hair removal tools and body care that not only work well, but look amazing, too,” she said of the collection.

Back in August, the model had shared that she stopped shaving when she was pregnant. “I haven’t shaved my legs, my bikini line, or my armpits since my third trimester, and I don’t care,” Graham said in Elle‘s August 2020 issue. Since then, she’s normalized her body hair in Instagram posts and stories alike.

“Remember when I didn’t shave my armpits during quarantine and people threw a fit over it? Well guess what?! I made my own RAZOR,” the new mom shared on Instagram. “I personally use my Flamingo razor when I decide to shave my armpits, keep my bikini line in tact, or (when I’m feeling extra fancy) and want to shave my legs.” Graham’s new Flamingo collaboration is available at shopflamingo.com, Target.com, and in select Target stores nationwide. Check out photos from the model’s gorgeous campaign ahead.

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